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Can anyone speak to whether Model HC250 is still supported and/or is there an "end of life" for this unit?  I had a dealer tell me it's a very old unit which is no longer supported, but then said something like it reached it's end of life in August 2023 and would no longer work.  My HC250 suddenly stopped working early January 2024.  I'm wondering if I should try replacing with a new or used/certified same model as a replacement with a new model is quite expensive.  Also, I have not tried resetting the unit to see if it will work; however I will lose all programming.  Thanks

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Sounds like your dealer isn't the greatest in communicating but the gist of it is correct.

HC250 is not supported in OS release 3.0.0 and up (that's 2019)

As OS 2.10.6 (the latest HC250 worked in) is still supported, there is a sort of 'as is' support for it but it's very limited

HC250 probably stopped sale in the same year if not earlier so any warranty would have ended in 2021

I doubt any repair options even existed after 2022, but certainly aren't around now.

CAN you try and find a second hand unit (there won't be anything 'certified' and reload your project: sure.

Is that worth your money to get done....probably not - especially if you don't have other items preventing you from going to OS3+

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