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  1. Relay section on back of C4 controller can open and close garage door. Run Cat5e/6 directly to wall switch from controller. Rest is software.
  2. I don't use Apple products, so that does not apply in my case.
  3. If the only thing that does not work on HC-800 is the OSD, then that is fine with me. I am just thankful they did not EOL it, this round. I don't use the OSD at all, but others do. Ones that do will just need to change their habits of use. IMO remotes, tablets, and phones are easier.
  4. Agreed. It is a business. It's progress.....
  5. ....and there is nothing wrong with wanting that. Don't get me wrong, most people want to get the most out of the stuff they buy, me included. Its when useful electronic lifespan meets latest and greatest software, then something has to give. In the case of OS 3, it's C4's right to EOL their products even if they are still useful. Humans will always see the cynical side as forcing customers to upgrade hardware to get the latest software. There is probably truth on each side of the legacy hardware vs latest software argument, based on what has been said in last 18 pages of this thread.... In the end, it is still a business and seems this was a business decision. You cannot make everyone happy all the time. That is impossible. You also don't have to upgrade and your existing system as it will still work, until eventual hardware failure forces the upgrade on you.
  6. Seems overall functionality same, just different way., a little more polished/modern GUI, and may be a little fewer button presses vs prior OS. I'd call it a good start.
  7. Can anyone with a HC-800 as primary controller give their experience with 3.0? Slower? any bugs? (I know OSD is disabled, never used it).
  8. I'm glad they didn't EOL the HC800 for now. Curious how much longer it can hold out
  9. Yep (since fall 2018), but maybe a better term now would be gamma testers.....
  10. I do find it interesting to get announcement of merger then 3.0 drops shortly thereafter..... I consider early adopters to be essentially beta testers. I don't have time for that level of pain.
  11. I'm not jealous.... I like hearing from other guinea pigs. I am treating this just like any other 1st gen electronic, wait and see.
  12. Will older dimmers and switches (C4-DIM1-Z, LDZ-101, and C4-SW1-Z) still work in OS 3.0?
  13. I agree price they paid for basically a home automation brand is high. I wonder how this eventually impacts the C4 end user?
  14. Anouned today at CEDIA, Android Beta starting in 2 weeks. Your dealer should have received an email from C4. Says dealers will have to sign up for the beta and fill out a survey. Also says "Please note: Control4 cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to participate. We will select qualified participants based on survey responses." So, assume not all dealers will be participating? Not sure why would not be an open beta.
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