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  1. Anouned today at CEDIA, Android Beta starting in 2 weeks. Your dealer should have received an email from C4. Says dealers will have to sign up for the beta and fill out a survey. Also says "Please note: Control4 cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to participate. We will select qualified participants based on survey responses." So, assume not all dealers will be participating? Not sure why would not be an open beta.
  2. Your driver found on the dealer forums works well on my C4 v2.1 sys. I have not noted any issues.
  3. Only bug I have since v2.1 is autoscanning NSF media. Locks up director. Have to reboot. Disable autoscanning is only fix and have to do a manual scan to add new media from a NSF.
  4. New to forums, not C4. I second the autoscanning external (NFS) media. Locks my sys up and have to reboot HC1000 and HC500
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