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  1. With MacOS Catalina Luma VMS for Mac is no longer supported as it's a 32-bit app. According to the Luma PDF they are working on a 64-bit version. Does anyone know when this will be available? The entire experience of using the Luma cameras on a Mac has been terrible ever since the web interface stopped working, and now we don't even have the app. I wish they would consider porting the iPad app to MacOS using Catalyst.
  2. It's the new UI for thermostats (see below). Is it working for you? When I tried it, it caused home bridge to crash. It was a repeatable crash, it didn't just happen once. I have not upgraded to beta 2 though, so perhaps it was a Homekit issue that's been resolved if you're not seeing it. The next time I boot into 10.15 I'll try it again and post a an actual screenshot.
  3. I too would like to see that, and the ability to trigger Control4 scenes, but I don't think Homekit supports that feature. Incidentally, I've been testing MacOS Catalina (unrelated to Control4) and the new Home app has a new UI for Thermostats that when opened caused homebridge to crash. I suspect the same thing is true with iOS 13, but I haven't tried that. It's not a huge deal as the release is a few months off, but I thought I'd mention it in case you were not aware. Cheers, John
  4. Have you heard anything more about this? Thanks! John
  5. I've been experimenting a bit with Spotify Connect playlists and I'm really happy with this solution. One issue though is when starting a playlist (via the navigator or via programming) it always starts with the same song order, even if it was saved in shuffle mode. I've worked around this in programming by turning shuffle off, pausing, turning it back on, pausing and then skipping to the next track. But it's really inelegant. Is there a better solution for this that I'm missing? Thanks! John
  6. Control4 has these on their Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/Control4Automation). Also, just search for Composer Home Edition on youtube and there are a number of good videos (by Control4 and others). John
  7. 2) I'm aware of that, but is there a physical (i.e. radio spectrum) incompatibility, or is it just software? I wonder if it's just software if that sort of support could be added (assuming they wanted to do it). I honestly have no idea. Do you know? John
  8. I think of all of my wish list items this one would be the most valuable to me. Since Apple Music files have DRM I can't play them in C4 without using Shairbridge, which is hit or miss, and is why I am also hoping for Airplay 2 support. We'll see what happens. Apple Music integration may not happen due to Apple, but at least Airplay 2 is something they are freely licensing. John
  9. You can't. I believe there's a fellow who created a custom IR driver that will do this though. However, at WWDC Apple announced integration with Control4 and others for Apple TV and that almost certainly means the ability to control all functions such as long presses. There's no ETA on when this will be available, but I wouldn't be surprised to at least get an update at CEDIA, if not a a release. John
  10. Here's my list, some of these may actually happen, some probably won't, and some may not be possible due to 3rd parties (i.e. Apple) Airplay 2 support for Shairbridge Support for Zigbee lights like Hue without the need for the Hue or other Zigbee bridge. Apple Music Integration Siri and Google Home support Improvements to When/Then for more advanced programming John
  11. Guide, info and STAR don't work for me. I didn't think there was a way to do this, so I'd be happy to learn otherwise. I do know there's a fellow with an IR driver that claims to have all of this working. But that would require getting that IR driver, having your dealer install it, along with an IR blaster on your Apple TV. May or may not be worth it. I suspect the eventual "official" integration from Apple will allow for this as well. For now, I just keep the Apple TV remote handy (or use the remote app on my phone) if I need that functionality. John
  12. In case anyone is interested, the integration (according to the WWDC sessions) is the ability to add a "remote" to Homekit as an accessory, which would then be able to control Apple TV including issue Siri commands (to the apple TV). In other words, just like the Siri remote that ships with the Apple TV, but now third parties can do that. There was no mention of any other capabilities. That's not to say they do not exist, but that's all Apple has said. For what it's worth, C4 (or Savant, Crestron, etc) could integrate their systems with Homekit as a bridge, and that's not new capability. The fact that this hasn't happened yet is probably a pretty good indicator that it won't in the near future. John
  13. That wasn't my point. It's not a real shame for Control4, it's a real shame for those who'd like to do that.
  14. I take it those types of users are never going to be supported, which is a real shame.
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