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  1. Some great suggestions on here so far! Here are a few of mine. Apple Music - This might be an Apple limitation, but they do allow Sonos to do this. I can only assume there's some Apple problem here though, because I can't imagine Control4 would leave this out for any other reason. Airplay 2. Open/documented REST API (good one, control4user007!) When/Then to the level of HE, or better. Homekit/Siri integration - This is not an Apple limitation, but to get Siri working they effectively end up supporting all of Homekit (i.e. you'd be able to control C4 devices via the Home app, etc). I can only assume they don't want to do that. I am using a 3rd party homebridge driver now, and it's not perfect but it does work well. So hopefully Control4 decides to do this natively. Apple TV and native Mac Control4 app (i.e. Apple TV and Mac versions of the iOS app)
  2. I wrote my own MyQ driver. The API was easy to reverse engineer, and I've only had to fix it once when they made a change. But I did this as a stop gap measure until an official driver was released. I'm annoyed to hear that won't be happening. I also didn't know that you couldn't just hook up a relay to one of these garage door openers. That was my plan B! 😞
  3. I have a Luma NVR (effectively a Hikvision OEM from what I understand) and have become dissatisfied for a number of reasons (losing Mac browser support being one), so I've been in the market for a replacement and have considered UniFi. If UniFi is "meh", then what do people consider the best choice? And what makes that choice better than the rest in your opinion?
  4. I'm also on the 501, and it's only a couple of years old so I'm very annoyed that they'd not support this. I hope it's just that they haven't completed it yet. It's possible that the 501 doesn't have the hardware or other features necessary to make the plugin-less version work. I understand they can't support old things forever, but this is a pretty new device and it's effectively broken for Mac users. The irony is I went with Luma specifically because they promoted their Mac support. Alternatively, porting the iOS app to MacOS (if done competently) would suffice.
  5. I've seen similar behavior, but it's even weirder because I would get some notifications, some of the time. The last time this happened I solved it by rebooting the controller. You can always give that a try.
  6. I dug out my old Fire tablet today and installed the OS 3 app on it. It's noticeably slower in all metrics than my iPhone Xs Max. The app is slow to start (not talking about the connection to C4, but just loading the app) and slower to respond. My Fire tablet is old, likely older then what others are using, and definitely older and slower than any modern Android phone. Since that's the only Android device I have I can't do an apples to apples comparison. Of interest though, once the app is loaded and the "Connecting to my Control4 System" message appears, the time to connect is at least as fast as iOS. Perhaps on faster hardware this would be faster, hence the reason Android users by and large aren't experiencing this issue. So to be clear, for me at least, app loading time and app responsiveness is not really the issue so much as the time to make the initial connection. To simulate this you really need to kill the app before restarting it. When you do this on Android, is the "Connecting" phase noticeably slower? In the case where the app is freshly loaded, switching back to it is instantaneous, as it should be. The problem is (for me at least), my usage is infrequent enough that when I need to do something on my system the app needs to reload or reconnect so I see the "Connecting" message more often than not.
  7. I don't have the Cinegration driver, but the MyQ API (which they likely reverse engineered) is still working correctly and hasn't changed from what I can see.
  8. Assuming you're not just teasing us iPhone users :-), that's an interesting observation. My experience with 2.0 was that it was always instant (on iOS). I also have (somewhere) a Fire tablet that had 2.0 on it and it didn't seem any faster to me. But that $50 Fire tablet is admittedly a lot less powerful than a modern iPhone or iPad. My theory that the start up delay is due to new authentication requirements seems less likely though if Android on 3.0 is faster/instant. Can someone with both devices do a side by side test and determine what the differences really are? I'm speaking of 3.x, I don't really care about 2.x at this point. I don't have similar spec'd devices to test with or I would. Also, I seem to remember a post on this site from someone from Control4 who worked on the iOS app. Am I crazy or was that posted here? I wonder if that person can chime in on this.
  9. The 2.0 app was faster, usually instantaneous in fact. The only time there was a delay was when it needed to update after a settings change (refresh navigators, etc). But in normal use it launched nearly instantly. I assume others have the same recollection and experience? If not, perhaps I was just lucky. I do not know. The 3.0 app is a lot better than it used to be, for sure. But still takes 1-3 seconds, and often can be longer. The first time I launched it today it took over 10 seconds. I suspect when it takes a really long time it's due to something being paged out of RAM on the controller, or any of a million other possibilities (since I don't know for sure what's happening during that app startup). Thankfully those kinds of delays are not the norm. But the end result for me has been I've lost faith that the app will be available when I need it the same way a remote or button is. Others of course may not care. But I'm not happy with it and I really hope we eventually get back to the way it was with 2.x. Incidentally, based on your comments I tried Lutron, the iOS Home App and C4 and C4 is the slowest each time. Lutron and Home start under a second (Home is basically instant), but C4 takes 1-3 seconds. As before, this is somewhat subjective as many factors can contribute to slowness, but I can at least attest to C4 being the slowest of these in my case. Things get worse when you look at real world scenario. I can open up the Home app or Lutron and turn one of my lights on and off way faster than I can using the C4 app. By way faster it might be 2 or 3 seconds faster, which doesn't seem like a lot. But it feels like forever and makes me not want to even bother half the time. John
  10. My experience has been consistent ever since 3.0 was released in that it is slower to connect than 2.x was. 3.0 was the slowest and later releases have improved things. So clearly C4 is aware of these issues and working to improve them. As a developer, I know from experience that it may not be as simple to fix this as some may suggest. There may be many different factors contributing to this which make it harder to solve than we'd like to think. But since reports are that the Android version is faster, that gives me hope that it's just a matter of time before this is worked out. Fingers crossed! 🙂 Having said all of that, I find myself way less likely to even bother to use the app these days because the delay is so annoying. I'm speaking of local network connections, mind you. The two to three second (sometimes longer) delay is enough of a paper cut that I just don't want to bother. It feels like it would be faster to just walk over to the light switch, or touch panel. For me, that makes what otherwise seems like "not a big deal" into a really big deal. This is all subjective of course, others may not mind these delays. But for me it's aggregating. John
  11. With MacOS Catalina Luma VMS for Mac is no longer supported as it's a 32-bit app. According to the Luma PDF they are working on a 64-bit version. Does anyone know when this will be available? The entire experience of using the Luma cameras on a Mac has been terrible ever since the web interface stopped working, and now we don't even have the app. I wish they would consider porting the iPad app to MacOS using Catalyst.
  12. It's the new UI for thermostats (see below). Is it working for you? When I tried it, it caused home bridge to crash. It was a repeatable crash, it didn't just happen once. I have not upgraded to beta 2 though, so perhaps it was a Homekit issue that's been resolved if you're not seeing it. The next time I boot into 10.15 I'll try it again and post a an actual screenshot.
  13. I too would like to see that, and the ability to trigger Control4 scenes, but I don't think Homekit supports that feature. Incidentally, I've been testing MacOS Catalina (unrelated to Control4) and the new Home app has a new UI for Thermostats that when opened caused homebridge to crash. I suspect the same thing is true with iOS 13, but I haven't tried that. It's not a huge deal as the release is a few months off, but I thought I'd mention it in case you were not aware. Cheers, John
  14. Have you heard anything more about this? Thanks! John
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