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  1. Established business based out of Williamsburg, VA is hiring for 2 new positions. 1 - Based out of our Charlottesville, VA Market. We are looking for a hybrid Technician/Sales Rep. Looking for 3+ years of AV/Structured/Security installation experience. DCJS registration a plus. Drivers license and clean driving record required. 2 - Based out of our Southside market (Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Moyock, NC) Sales/Designer for Custom and Tract Audio/Video, Structured Cabling, and Security systems. DCJS registration a plus. Drivers license and clean driving record required. Competitive Pay and Benifits. Base Salary + Commissions. 30 Years in business. To apply, please email resume to mjbasford@protectionbydesign.com
  2. Not an apple user myself, but if they don't announce Apple music integration native, I will lose a lot of clients.
  3. Cat6E is not a real cable. Cat6A is. But to your question, seeing as most devices can o ly handle gigabit currently, Cat6/6A is fine for futureproofing. The benefits of 7plus might take your lifetime to come to fruition, outside of very high end stuff.
  4. I have 1x HC-800, 2x HC-250, 2x Infinityedge 7" TS, and 1x Infinityedge 5" TS for sale. Controllers and 1 7" used, other 2 TS are new in box. Make offers. Also have some older style T-stats and other misc equip, will list as i sort it out. If you're looking for anything let me know. (No EA or T3 stuff available)
  5. Does control4 make drop in zigbee modules for door locks? Never heard of these before.
  6. I wonder if the houselogix issue was directly because of this? They were in talks, and snap snatched up a driver production team to make their stuff all native?
  7. Unhook battery. Unplug transformer. Wait 5 seconds. Plug in transformer. Do you hear clicking from panel? (Must be close, not very loud and siren will squak). If you do, installer lockout is enabled.
  8. As long as installer lockout is not enabled. Then it wipes the system and still wont clear the installer code. A new 1832 panel is pretty cheap online, and unless the system is some kind of monster, reprogramming the entire thing, as well as re configuring with Control4, should not take long. The new monitoring company, assuming they are another local company working the same area as the old company, probably even knows the installer code for the old company.
  9. Is anyone familiar with the Popcorn Hour Transformer? They appear to have canceled, or at least back ordered, the a-500, so we bought this recommended version for a client. It is android based, and the popcorn hour ip driver does not appear to work. It comes with a remote, but no play/pause/skip etc buttons on it! It comes out of the box with stock android and it appears to be able to run Android TV or libreELEC as other options. Wondering if this will work with the kodi lite driver, and please do not mention irusb, as i have never gotten that device to reliably install without user intervention after a power outage. Thanks in advance.
  10. I like the idea, but with a msrp of 60 for the dummy switches, might as well spend the 140 On a switch.
  11. Ive purchased the irUSB modules from Videostorm, and now i am trying to add their driver into composer. It is in my drivers folder, and i tried to add it in composer as well via add/update driver. However i am unable to locate it either under media players or a search. Any suggestions? EDIT: As soon as i posted this i discovered my issue. For anyone else with this in the future, Dont search for irusb or try media player (Even tho that is how the driver is named) Search for either video storm, Or Universal Android Driver.
  12. Do I need a separate irUSB module for each fire TV? Even if they are located in the same location and on same project?
  13. How does the irUSB integrate? Does it require an it output from the c4 system? Will it work with the Ethernet dongle?
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