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  1. Thank you, this makes sense. When you say "pecos integrate just fine" I think you are talking about having them available in C4 controller so I can kick them and and off from the C4 UI. Is that correct or there is something else I should be thinking when it comes to integrating picos?
  2. Should I keep Picos programming (lights they control) in Lutron repeater then and not move them move to C4 at all?
  3. Thanks. So what's the best way to set this up then? I have some picos that control scenes like "welcome home" turning on bunch of lights. I also have timer based scenes. One way i read people using phantom buttons on the Lutron side and trigger a scene using C4 and this phantom button. What about picos, what's the best way to integrate here?
  4. Hello, I am looking for advice on integrating an existing RadioRa2 installation with a Control4 install. The RadioRa2 switches, dimmers and picos have been fully configured and scenes programmed in the Lutron repeater. I am thinking it's best to have all programming under one controller and move all schedules and scenes to C4 controller. One thing that comes to mind is the interface between C4 EA5 and Lutron repeater. I would rather avoid extra dependency on the network switch. Can someone share pros and cons of having all lighting controlled with C4 and having Lutron repeater being a dum
  5. Differences in video quality or there is more to it? If you don't mind sharing your Luma setup it would be great.
  6. This is a pretty old thread but I am in a similar situation trying to decide on the surveillance cameras for my setup. The cost of the equipment from LTN is about double compared to Swann. I don't have to see the camera output in C4 interface but seeing on TVs would be helpful. Are you able to view them on TVs? Thank you.
  7. I am considering GE zwave dimmers as an option to integrate with C4. I am still interested in Lutron Casseta for their Picos but debating if GEs are reliable enough instead of C4 dimmers and switches. Is vera all local and will work with internet connectivity? Any advice is appreciated.
  8. Thinking about putting one in the master bedroom and want to be able to shut off the art mode at certain hour or maybe depending on the motion in the room. No way to shut off the art mode?
  9. Let me rephrase. Is there anything that can happen on my Fire HD 8? For example can I have my porch surveillance camera show something on Fire HD?
  10. So what happens when someone rings a doorbell?
  11. I am at the point where I am considering light switches to use and GE was one of the options. Choices are GE Zwave/Control4/Lutron RadioRa2. Can you share your experience and why you would not want to do this again?
  12. I bought 3 HD8 on the Prime Day, thank you for pointing out, great buy. What do you use for your door bell, is it integrated with Control4? If you can share your experience with security system and surveillance cameras would be great as well.
  13. Can you still navigate to cameras in another way?
  14. What is this "Navigation agent"? I understand there an app for Android that allows me do what the native panel does. Not having the Navigation agent limits me how? Thank you.
  15. I am considering Control4 deployment for my new home, looking to use Android tablets. Any recommendations on Android or Amazon hardware would help a lot. Also I saw a mention on some thread about "Navigation agent" not working on tablet. Not sure what this is about, is that still a thing?
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