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  1. Unfortunately couldn't get the free one to work on mine. My LG is 3 years old though so maybe the newer ones have different driver options.
  2. Sony IP control works well. LG OLED requires expensive driver but works the same after driver cost. You can get additional features with driver that I don't think are available with Sony. I really like my LG OLED but my 5 year old Sony has a better software in my opinion with android. Sony OLED's are LG panels with android software. Can't go wrong with either but highly recommend an OLED panel. https://annex4.link/drivers/lg-webos-smarttv
  3. @chopedogg88 and @msgreenf really helped me when I went thru upgrading my system the last few months. OS3 has a much better user interface.
  4. The LR was out of stock so went with the lite. Speed is better than old system but I doubt much better than a good Wifi5 AP. Should get better with firmware and settings adjustment. Biggest issue is you can't choose DFS channels yet on U6 firmware so it limits your options with multiple AP's.
  5. I'll ask my IT dept and see what they say. It might be something I can get approved.That would be wicked as I am always fumbling for my iPhone to get into C4 app and pause music when the phone rings. What about cell phone calls. Anything possible on that front. I probably get more cell calls than teams anyway.
  6. Let me know if you get an answer. I have a Microsoft Teams VoIP Polycom phone and would like that setup as well.
  7. Does it starting playing again when you hang up?
  8. I agree it was a huge leap of understanding to install the system with early access AP's. Having to SSH into the router to install a beta controller was time consuming to learn. Fortunately didn't have to change the UDM firmware. Manually changing the firmware on each AP was easier but still a learning curve for me. Unless you have a want to learn and time to dig into issue's don't try early access items. It's not straightforward at that point. My family all have newer iPhones and with the Intel AX200 in the PC's we will take advantage of the 802.11ax so it was worth it for me.
  9. Enabling UPnP allows for open NAT which is the best Xbox experience and seems to work well with the UDM. Considering putting the Xbox's on their own VLAN since they don't really need to talk to other devices and their is security risk to UPnP from what I have read. My kids claim they used to lag once or twice a day and have experienced no lag since with UPnP enabled. Once logged into router go to settings/network/LAN and enable UPnP. If you haven't installed your UDM yet I suggest doing a factory reset before starting as mine wouldn't connect to the internet and I ended up trying several
  10. Not using VPN personally but this graph made the decision to go with the UDM Pro vs regular UDM easy for me. VPN seems to be significantly improved also. Throughput with DPI/IPS is outstanding with Pro version.
  11. Decided to go with UDM Pro and couldn't be happier. Plan on adding camera's with protect and the built in NVR was a nice add. I decided to upgrade all the switches also since the small 5 ports that I put behind all the TV's are only $29/each. Signed up for early access and upgraded to 802.11ax AP's. Upgraded the 4 laptops to Intel AX200 module and wow what a difference. I will say learning the beta firmware upgrades was challenging but glad I went ahead and future proofed the system to some degree. The UI took some time to get used to but starting to get the hang of it. I've caught
  12. I agree and definitely will get it up and running first but want a road map of sorts. Thoughts on making this go smooth also appreciated. I assume keeping DHCP range the same and static IP on HC800.
  13. Upgrading network to UniFi and want to take a fresh look at security and best practices. UDM Pro, Switch, and APs. Found this article and a few other items on this forum which seem like the correct setup but any other thoughts or suggestions? Article describes two VLANs and two wireless networks separating your IoT https://robpickering.com/ubiquiti-configure-micro-segmentation-for-iot-devices/
  14. Purchased similar setup with UDM Pro, switches, and AP's. Why do you need VLANs and two different WiFi networks? Not a network guru but interested in why you decided on this format.
  15. Thanks for the input. Decided to go with UniFi as my APs are older and can't do unleashed. I'll let everyone know how it goes after it arrives and I get it setup. Likely will have questions along the way.
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