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  1. Hey guys doing a job and has 3 denon receivers. The main one has ip control so thats sorted the the 2 are entry level models with no network. I need to get IR control of the AVRX550BT as one is in living room and one is in the master bedroom? Can't find any recent drivers that have simular inputs or allow for IR control as they all seem to be ip control from the past 7-8 years? Failing to heavy modifying am older one, or creating my own from scratch? does anyone have any ideas? Tech support have helped as much as they can and time is poor already on the job so don't have time to mess around too long, short of telling the customer to upgrade to a network based model? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey guys Doing a job with heat strip heater with a hard wired control with IR and a battery remote. I'm struggling to to find a driver or make a custom one from the provided remote. Anyone got any leads? Based in Melbourne, Australia Need to get this customer sorted Regards Chris
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