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  1. Hi guys In case it is helpful for anyone, I had electric baseboard heating and found Sinope Technologies that provides a high-voltage thermostat that works with Control4. They also have switches & dimmers that are almost 1/3 - 1/4 the price of their C4 equivalents. The switches & dimmers are visually not that appealing, have no color flexibility on the facelate, and have less control4 over the LEDs on the device. I have got the thermostat, switches and dimmers all installed and working well with Control4. I haven't done any programming with it - but don't see a reason that it won't work. They also have a few other devices that like electrical load controller, water leak detector, and a water control valve - but I believe they don't have Control4 drivers for them as yet - only a SmartThings driver. In case, it is helpful for someone - here is a link to all the Zigbee products that they offer: https://www.sinopetech.com/en/product-category/products/our-products-zigbee/ Enjoy! PS - In case it matters to anyone, I am not affiliated with them in any way - just a happy customer (so far at least)...
  2. Hi guys I have a gas fireplace that I would like to automate, and was looking for a fireplace switch. If someone has one, can you please PM me? Thanks
  3. AshMania

    Intercom "Station Offline"

    Finally got it working by reverting to an old backup - I guess something got corrupted somewhere over time. But DS2 still keeps switching from offline to online - not sure what is going on.
  4. Hi all My DS2 door station and my T3 touchscreens all seem to be offline - the intercom mentions "Station Offline" when I try to make a call or connect with another touchscreen or the door station. I have tried power cycling the touchscreens and the EA5 controller (as well as the Ubiquiti Edgerouter and my Zyxel Network Switch) in various orders of sequence - but the issue remains. Strangely enough, the camera of the DS2 works fine and the touchscreens are able to do other functions fine - so I doubt its a network issue. I am running the latest OS if it matters. The DS2 door bell not working is my most immediate concern. Thoughts on what issue it could be? Thanks
  5. AshMania

    FS: Wired Configurable Keypad (C4-KCB-WH)

    Sent you a PM
  6. Hi all I have an older model, but brand new Control4 Door Station C4-DSC-EN-SN sitting around. I also have the metal back box (C4-DSBB-M) that I can include. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks
  7. Hi all I mistakenly bought 3 wired configurable keypads thinking that they were wireless. My mistake could be your gain - please PM me if you are interested. Thanks
  8. Hi all I have an new/unused Rachio 16-zone 2nd generation Smart Sprinkler Controller. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks
  9. Hi there Do any of you want to depart with a used 4x4 or 8x8 HDBaseT video matrix? Ideally i'd prefer a UHD/4K switch but could settle for a 1080p switch. Thanks
  10. What is the name of the driver that you guys are using for Samsung UN65KS8000? I can't find it in the driver database... What is the best / closest driver that I can use?
  11. AshMania

    Hikvision POE cameras

    Here is their list of authorized dealers: http://www.hikvision.com/us/distributionPartner.aspx?c_kind=43&c_kind2=45&c_kind3=56 Personally I think its worth the extra dollars to get the support and firmware upgrades.
  12. Hi all Was thinking of jumping on the echo bandwagon - is there any advantages to using Echo Dot vs the Echo while integrating it with C4? If using Echo Dot, I can imagine that any voice feedback would probably have slight delays via the C4 managed ceiling speakers - would that be too annoying? Anything else that would be a consideration? Thanks
  13. Hi there Instead of getting a standalone 4K blu-ray player (Samsung or Panasonic), I was thinking of getting an Xbox One S and using it primarily as a 4K Blu-ray player with the added bonus of it being a gaming console. Do you guys see any disadvantages with this approach? There is no IP driver for Xbox, just IR - right? And will that driver allow me control all the Blu-ray playing features that are typically needed? Thanks
  14. Makes sense - would be great if more IoT devices supported websockets... Anyways, in order to get it working on my T3 screens and iPhone, do I need to setup alternate camera views? or is that only for V2 screens?
  15. So we need to specify alternate camera on T3 screens as well? I thought it was only needed for V2 screens...