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  1. Elvis

    New Home - Framing

    If it didn't sound like I was a pervert, I'd ask to come over and play when you are done.
  2. Everything showed up this morning. Head scratcher.
  3. Elvis

    Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Is this an update on the Alexa side or controller side? When you say skill, it sounds like I don't have to do anything to get the update -- it's already present. Is that right, Cy? Or do I need to have my dealer update C4? What were the major changes I should look for? Thank you.
  4. Well, I'm pretty sure this is not an iOS issue. I get varying Shairbridge targets in Airplay now. Last night, I got 3 out of 6 zones and none of the combined zones. This morning, I got 2 out 6. I'm rebooting it all again now to see what's up. The non-Control4 Airplay equipment all shows up normally. The iOS upgrade said it had Airplay2 so that's why I tried if after the upgrade. Now I think it was just coincidence since my wife's phone was not upgraded and it shows the same targets.
  5. Thanks. I’ll reboot and try again when I get home.
  6. Updated my iPhone to iOS 11.4 and all of my Shairbridge targets are now gone. Can’t Airplay to any C4 audio zones.
  7. When we got the 4k television, I upgraded DirecTV to get their 4k service. (A total waste, but I digress.) So the 4k is only available on the Mini, so this required swapping and putting the MINI on our primary television and the MAIN Genie on the bedroom TV. Response time was immediately degraded. Every aspect was slowed down significantly: Turn on got really slow, channel changing, DVR and Guide -- and it seems to me to be getting even slower. So I'm giving up on it and have asked the dealer to swap them back. The main Genie seems as responsive as ever... when it works via C4. We (actually my dealer) had a hell of a time setting up the main Genie again. In fact, it often goes of the reservation and doesn't respond at all. Zigbee isn't the issue, the mesh is strong young skywalker. It's something with the network settings on the Genie. Anyone have any tips for setting this thing up? There's going to be hell to pay if the family room TV is screwed up with this move back. Thank you.
  8. Elvis

    Multiple Load Configurable Keypad

    Exactly. Just need it for the US market.
  9. Elvis

    Latest Rack we are building

    Incredible. I see that Mirage in there... obviously you like those. Is it more responsive than C4 EA-5/EA-3 streaming?
  10. Elvis

    Multiple Load Configurable Keypad

    Quit raining on my parade. It's a "WISH" list, after all. With a dual load configurable keypad, I could go from 8 to 2. As long as it won't burn the house down.
  11. I could sure use a configurable keypad that would control two loads (or more). My house has more than one location where more than two loads are controlled at one location. In one spot, there are 8 switches controlling 4 loads and 4 aux. Two loads on one keypad would clean things up a lot.
  12. I've got some random thoughts on all of this. First is that I am amazed at the apathy for music quality and video quality. Tin can portable speakers are acceptable. SD TV displayed on HDTVs and the end user doesn't realize it isn't even HD. Overly compressed satellite sound and video -- these don't seem to bother most consumers. Until the number of consumers that want high fidelity sound and video increases, the door is open. Also, Amazon, Apple, and Google don't make any real infrastructure hardware. While Samsung makes everything but light switches (as far as I know), and if you considered their phones as voice controllers, they have all the bases covered. We'll they be a threat? They could be. If they got in bed with Bezos, they really could be a market threat from entry level to 1%ers.
  13. No, not at the moment.
  14. I never did the FW update on my SC-62. It does drop off (rarely) and cold boot brings it back. It rarely shows up as an Airplay target (practically never) which doesn't really matter, just makes me wonder about its networking stability. I use RS-232 control.