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  1. $799
  2. I couldn't ship it until late June or early July. If you can get it for $599 I'd go for it.
  3. No thank you.
  4. Yes
  5. Used HC-250 would be your most reliable "cheap" option. From your original post, I would not recommend this way forward. You can't just hook the 250 and amp up to the network, turn them on, and expect it to work. A dealer is required to set this up. Mitch knows what he is talking about. Don't ignore his advice.
  6. The UI is about 5 seconds ahead of the audio. Thanks, now I know why.
  7. +1 The 2.8.2+ software gives you voice scenes. So you don't need a middle man to get Alexa.
  8. Too late. I guess I'm limited to CD quality without it. Best I can tell from hovering my mouse over the little blue Info icon on the properties page of the digital music in that hidden room.
  9. So Shairbridge audio playback was more than choppy, it was as if it was being turned on and off. New EA-3 with 2.9.1 Dealer added a room with a speaker point and digital media. Under digital media, advanced audio is disabled. Shairbridge immediately started working perfectly now and has been solid. So how does disabling Advanced Audio "cripple" my system? @funnyfarm299--thoughts? What did I lose when this was disabled? Thanks...
  10. Exactly what my dealer said -- but it still cut in and out after the update. Removing the advanced audio fixed it.
  11. Got a text that he did get in touch with an AV dealer and he offered up an interview on the spot.
  12. I just had me EA-3 installed yesterday and there is a knowledge base article about adding a dummy room, speaker point, and changing some digital music setting in there. I'm not a dealer, so I didn't read it -- but when he did this, mine came to life and for the first 8 hours or so, has been rock solid. They were fresh out of training, so if your dealer can't find it, I can ask. Also updated to 2.9.1 Anyway, I'm very pleasantly surprised.
  13. That's what I was afraid of... can't get hired because he isn't trained, can't get trained because nobody will hire him because he isn't trained. He's gotta be willing to move.
  14. I'm assuming, based on conversations with my dealer, that C4 trained installers and programmers are in high demand. Good assumption? Could someone pay their own way for training to be more marketable, or is best to find a dealer/employer and go through them? Thank you.
  15. Yes. From MY experience, it is going to cost more unless the original dealer did it just like the new dealer wanted. But don't let that stop you. As Eddy said, it is important to have a good relationship with your dealer.