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  1. http://us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=HiFiComponents&ProductId=SR4023#innerdivSection3 Check out the Control4 certification.
  2. No, a receiver with "Main In" -- usually these are bridged from the Pre-Out directly into the Main-In terminals. Marantz makes one but it turns an AVR into a dumb amp unless you provide your own switching. This is something that should be in the C4 matrix amp. It should be a dumb amp downside of the matrix. Not sure why it isn't. Perhaps the digital in goes to the mains? Mute point as the zone 2 HDMI out of the Denon into the Pioneer, coupled with the pre-out RCA into the matrix will have me covered. I'll just leave the matrix amp at 100%, I suppose.
  3. Again, you are right. Not sure what I was doing differently but hooked up Zone 2 HDMI out to an HDMI input on the Pioneer and we have complete success.
  4. Yes. It's always at 100%. I bypassed the pre-amp and went straight into the main. I should have bought a receiver with main in's.
  5. Attaching it to the old school amplifier and presto... no volume issues. Pre-out to the other receiver and, as previously mentioned, you really have to crank it up to hear it. Not sure how the C4 matrix amp is going to treat it. Hopefully like the Technics. SpotifyPre-Out_Small.m4v (I picked a great time to discover the "Legendary Guitar Solos" playlist. This old school amp still rocks.)
  6. That's it. Forget everything else, ads are their core.
  7. Perhaps, but the trip to the cloud and back is the weakest link... and in more ways than one. More reliable? Sorry, I disagree with that completely. If I had a nickel for every email I've gotten that had the sentence "some users might be affected" in it, I'd, well, I'd have a lot of nickels.
  8. That's the way I read it, too. So I don't know how other 3rd parties (like Wink) are doing it.
  9. I don't follow you. Look at what? https://github.com/jeffreydwalter/arlo/blob/master/README.md http://arlo.com
  10. Bummer, I thought they'd released it since it was in smartthings/wink/etc. I can live with it using the wink driver.
  11. Consider yourself lucky and get a local dealer to get you up to speed. You saved a bundle getting it with the house. You'll use it every day if you do.
  12. Well there's your problem right there. I speak from experience. Don't make the same mistake I made. Get a reputable dealer to get you up and running. You can DIY it after that and you can often save money using the remote dealers that frequent this forum. @StroTek LLC @AK1 @Matt Lowe @funnyfarm299 -- the list is long and reputable.
  13. From the guy in rural American, this is so true. Local control should be the foundation, not the backup. As long as CTRL continues to welcome and support new devices they will continue to do very well. But they can do better, and I hope they do for our sake. As @RyanE said, the new controllers are more capable, but the lack of innovation with the wand is disheartening.