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  1. This could be. In my testing, there has been more than one occasion where I have called up the C4 up and selected Spotify as a source and it prompts me to "Pull in another stream" -- when all zones show to be off prior to that. Don't know what that is, so I'll ask this morning. Not supposed to but I'll check.
  2. Thank you both. I can easily run 4 outputs to the 4 inputs of the amp. 2 outputs to the AVRs and 2 left over. I hope a multi-zone AVR isn't an issue.
  3. 4k Genie Mini response

    100' Celerity fiber. This is a DIRECTV issue, I'm sure, as everything is smooth as silk from 4k ATV, 4k Roku... I'm pretty much ready to scrap 4k DIRECTV.
  4. 4k Genie Mini response

    I'm assuming you mean HDMI to AVR cable... no. It's all in a rack so easy to try a different one.
  5. IFTTT Do Button

    I'm working on it tomorrow, but should be easy as long as I can get to the back of the start button. I'm going to hook it up to my Wemo Maker and see if it'll trip it to start it.
  6. remote programming

    Maybe so, but you lose access to YOUR cash while they rectify the problem. To each his own, but I'll let 'em steal from the credit card company instead of my checking account.
  7. Apple Music

    Yes, sir! Thank you. Almost too easy, just setup an rsync and it keeps the my iTunes music updated on the EA-3. rsync -avz --ignore-existing --delete /Volumes/Drobo/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Music /Volumes/media/usb/008061200009_MUSIC/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Music/
  8. Apple Music

  9. Apple Music

    eh... deleted My Music from the navigators since I wasn't ever using it... so I can't do anything with it.
  10. Apple Music

    Went from a 64gb to 8gb thumb drive and it worked. What are the limits? Will it work only with thumb drives or will it work with a FAT32 formatted USB hard drive? Thanks.
  11. Apple Music

    Do I need my dealer to add the USB drive to the project first? I plugged a usb thumb drive into the EA-3 and it doesn't show up in the project. No luck with this either... I guess this will happen once the USB drive is added to the project? Thanks.
  12. IFTTT Do Button

    Where's the damn coffee maker? My wife is out of the country for a while and I need all of these buttons plus "Coffee Maker." @alanchow how does the "stuff" get in each of the first four of these buttons? I need a "Hazel" or my wife needs a raise.
  13. When we got the 4k TV, we swapped and put the 4k on the new 4k mini and put the other TV on the main Genie. This thing is ridiculous compared to the main Genie. It's not uncommon for the TV to go to "No Input" blank screen when changing channels. It'll show the banner of the new channel, then go blank, and then might go "no input" before showing the channel. It takes a consistent 5-6 seconds to change channels. The main genie takes less than 2 seconds and no video interruptions at all. Normal?
  14. Are you on 2.10? Either way, reboot the EA-3 and see if anything changes.