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  1. Just an update. I should have said "totally out of sync" with the C4 iOS app. There is no rhyme or reason to what the C4 app shows and the actual state of the switch. This just came up with a recent trip over Thanksgiving weekend. I'd call up my C4 app and have no real idea what was the state of the lights in the house. I could control them by toggling them on/off/on. Or off/on/off and the lights would react. But if I turned the light off, the next time I called up the app, it would likely show it as On, even thought it was actually off. Not sure if this is in the way it is set up or just a flaw in the driver(s)? I should also note that you can't dim the lights with the 260 wand. Off or on only. They don't show up like a C4 dimmer. @chopedogg88 @AK1
  2. Yeah, but the logo in the bottom corner of mine just have Z-Wave, not Z-Wave Plus. And now ZWP has instant notification switches, but I don't know if Vera supports it. Wonder if Lutron is going to let it go or sue them?
  3. Big difference, apparently, from z-wave to z-wave plus. Mine are all straight z-wave. Bad timing buying them right before all the plus versions emerged.
  4. Where to you download 4k movies?

    Yeah, it updated on initial setup. I ended up returning it and just use the new Xbox. It actually does a better job, but it's behind the TV and I never ran audio back from the TVs to the AVRs. I might invest in a new one to put in the rack. I'm starting to get back on board with having the physical media here as a backup.
  5. Where to you download 4k movies?

    I'm not willing to gamble on kscape. I think they've priced themselves out of reach of enough customers for the company to sustain itself. Maybe I ought to be asking what the most reliable blu-ray player is? Our brand new player balked on a brand new disk on the first play out of the box for both the player and the disk. Thanks for all the input.
  6. Where to you download 4k movies?

    Is the digital copy 4k?
  7. Disappointing revelation from Apple today. 4k streaming, but no 4k downloads for a while. Since I have crap for Internet, I need to have it downloaded (or on 4k Bluray) to take advantage of it. Well, I hate bluray period. I want to buy it and have a digital copy on my computer. What's the best way to do this? I'd rather buy it than rip it.
  8. Sound from C4 App

    It would be nice if I plugged my ear phones into my phone that I could hear what was playing in the room I have selected in the C4 app. Turning up the volume on the TV loud enough to hear on the treadmill blasts the rest of the house. When I want to finish a movie after my wife goes to bed, it would be nice to listen with headphones.
  9. Doorbird TV integration

    I'm waiting to decide between the Doorbird and DS-2 Mini.
  10. So is my ad blocker costing you money? I can turn it off. If someone has to click on the ad to generate income, then it wouldn't matter.
  11. Need some advice please!

    Print out the above and study it. Then go into your local dealer and let him know you are educated on what you need -- this might avoid a big upsell. If all those switches and dimmers are indeed ZigBee Pro, they're money in the bank.
  12. Future of C4 forums?

    I'm seeing the ads now. Thanks to the forum I've met 1000's of single travel girls. If the ads are targeted, eh, uh what does that say about me/us?
  13. Remote Programming Services Offered

    I can vouch for that. Ari is awesome to work with. Very reasonable rates and his expertise (speed of getting it done) makes him a bargain.
  14. Pros: If it works with Vera, it'll probably integrate into Control4. I have not explored beyond switches, dimmers, outlets, and fan controls. These items integrate as switches and dimmers. Gives you a choice of switch style. We used the paddle switches that look just like a standard decora paddle switch. Cost: 4 to 1 advantage in my case. Vera is local control and the C4 controllers communicate directly with it. So no trips to the cloud. If we move, I can leave a cheap Vera hub behind and the switches and still sell an automated house, while taking my C4 rack and gear with me. Significantly cheaper electrician bill. The switches I used have posts instead of pigtails. Plug and play replacement. I installed most of them myself. I would've had to actually change out boxes to make the C4 APDs fit in the same space due to large wire bundles already junction'ed in those boxes. 4 extra wire nuts can be a real issue. Both of my electricians particularly don't like adding braided wire into copper bundles. You can buy Z-Wave switches at any big box store. So you can DIY it on weekends and not break the bank in the process. Cons: C4 equipment is faster and more responsive. C4 equipment is a lot more customizable in programming and can be engraved. You can't dim the LEDs or change their color on my Z-wave switches. C4 configurable keypads -- there's no (acceptable) alternative in the Z-wave world and no idea how they'd integrate if there were such a thing. The one's I've seen look like something out of the 70's. C4 app sometimes is normally/usually out of sync with the state of the switch. Mostly applies to relay/binary switches -- not the dimmers. Adding Z-Wave devices to the Vera hub can be a pain. A lot of times you have to physically move the hub close to the switch. And then when you move it back, the switch can be orphaned and not find a node to join the mesh. Wand Remote interface does not allow dimming.
  15. I wish! I'm lucky to get 24mbps. I'm in the boonies, so the I've got 1 mile of space between my radio and the radio on the tower. They (ISP) tweaked my sector of the tower and it is a lot better. Yes I do, but turns out the USG and the ubiquiti radio get along and even the xbox no longer complains. Which is why I went with Unifi. After I got it fully setup and my ISP did some tweaks, it is stable. C4 and other streaming is way better.