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  1. Spotify integration

    Followed by... probably shouldnt be posting on pain meds
  2. PM me a price on the bronze, please. Also for a flood, but haven't done my homework on that yet. Ooops, I didn't see the baluns. If either of these can be used just for audio, I'm interested. I have a 4k Xbox but need to send the audio back to the receiver. These might be overkill.
  3. FS: Complete LUXUL Network

    Bump. Dropped asking price, but I will split it up. Please make reasonable offers. Thank you.
  4. Spotify integration

    Spill the beans! CEDIA? How close?
  5. Luxul Remote Setup - Done

    1/3rd off list seemed like a bargain. Could've had better Ubiquiti for 1/3rd of what I paid.
  6. Did the trick but only as reliable as my dandruff-ridden network. Very Flaky. Network reset of the SR-260 (wand) remotes on tap for tomorrow. Going to call some locals tomorrow. It's over my head and headed to eBay eventually. Need to get it back up to speed more for my wife's work than anything. Thank you.
  7. Do I get more votes if I paid for the Wink driver?
  8. Need remote assistance setting up Luxul router, switch, and wireless controller. The system is installed, updated to latest firmware, and set to factory defaults except for passwords and wireless SSIDs, channels, passwords. I can assist with physical manipulation of each. I can set you up with a Remote Desktop connection as well (Mac or PC)..PM me if interested and I'll pass along my e mail address @VINCELdUB happily automated me. Thanks Vince!
  9. Thank you. Dealer put it on 25. Network is flaky.
  10. Working my sharebridge issues right before ankle surgery was monumentally stupid. We reset both the network and EA-3 in that process. Of course he made sure it was all up to speed before we both left for a long weekend. I returned from the surgery (trippin to pain meds) to find neither wand working. And the C4 app returning Error 500. Unplugging the EA-3 for a cold reboot fixes the wands, but still get Error 500 on the iOS C4 app. Won't be long and wands will fall off again. I can Remote Desktop into Composer if there is an easy fix in there Or obvious Luxul changes, I can do those from bed, too Reading the network KB article references a lot of settings I can't find (yet) in the Luxul router, wireless controller, and the switch so I'd need specific help there. (See my post in remote integrators coming shortly) Thanks
  11. You can say that again. (Sorry)
  12. Wish we'd tried this before resetting the network. That's the next step for sure.
  13. Spotify integration

    That did it! Thx. Only 18 votes tho. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Ubiquiti and Pakedge... he'll install what I want and configure it. Im going with Ubiquiti.