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  1. Elvis

    Bryant Evolution integration

    That’s the thermostat for Evolution. You’ll definitely need the SAM to integrate it. Not worth it in my opinion, but I’m not the customer. Reasonable app and remote access is built in to that thermostat.
  2. Elvis

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    Interesting thread. I'm surprised the DS2 has no built-in DVR features in the app. It sounds to me like if you miss it live, you miss it altogether. $1k, plus $99/year -- I expected a lot more out of it.
  3. I guess I missed the new DirecTV Alexa skill -- or perhaps it's just improved. Anyway, we use it and like it. Is there an easy way to trigger C4 to turn on the TV and set the input to DIRECTV if someone asks Alexa for a DIRECTV command?
  4. Elvis

    Remote Programming Services Offered

    Ari is fast and reasonable. Especially if you have Vera controlled lighting, he's the man. Once again he has my system up to speed in minutes. Thanks!
  5. The big question is whether or not you can return the Amplifi? The next question is what does your dealer recommend, and what did you have previously -- and what did the dealer think about it?
  6. Elvis

    Bryant Evolution integration

    I would have them look at the newer Evolution remote thermostats. The older models are kind of industrial looking, but do blend in. And you don't have to use them -- you can do it all from the main thermostat or app. As you know, their website is not the best so getting with the Bryant dealer is best.
  7. Elvis

    Bryant Evolution integration

    I have this system. Yes, to use all the features of the system via Control4, you still need the SAM. Very sadly, my dealer lost his battle with cancer and passed away before I had him install the SAM. He offered to install it and work my C4 dealer for $500 -- which was a bargain. As it turns out, I do not miss it. Not at all. My system is working much better than I expected from a zoned system and we rarely adjust it. By rare, I mean we warmed up the family room when we had an odd August cool spell and the room seemed cold. That was the first adjustment we'd made in over a year. We set the guest rooms to Home when the kids visit, we put the house in Away when we leave town -- and that's it. If we forget, we use the app. Perhaps if we had more zones and wanted them activated through motion/use, we might have needed the SAM after all -- but not my case. You can always automate it, somewhat, through Alexa instead. I do NOT recommend using a non-evolution thermostat -- doing so you lose a lot of the (expensive) features it offers.
  8. Elvis

    2.10.3 released

    If I'm not doing the Intercom app, do I need 2.10.3?
  9. Elvis

    New Home - Framing

    If it didn't sound like I was a pervert, I'd ask to come over and play when you are done.
  10. Everything showed up this morning. Head scratcher.
  11. Elvis

    Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Is this an update on the Alexa side or controller side? When you say skill, it sounds like I don't have to do anything to get the update -- it's already present. Is that right, Cy? Or do I need to have my dealer update C4? What were the major changes I should look for? Thank you.
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure this is not an iOS issue. I get varying Shairbridge targets in Airplay now. Last night, I got 3 out of 6 zones and none of the combined zones. This morning, I got 2 out 6. I'm rebooting it all again now to see what's up. The non-Control4 Airplay equipment all shows up normally. The iOS upgrade said it had Airplay2 so that's why I tried if after the upgrade. Now I think it was just coincidence since my wife's phone was not upgraded and it shows the same targets.
  13. Thanks. I’ll reboot and try again when I get home.
  14. Updated my iPhone to iOS 11.4 and all of my Shairbridge targets are now gone. Can’t Airplay to any C4 audio zones.