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  1. Elvis

    Dish Network vs DirecTV?

    There is a big difference between DIRECTV and Dish with this. DIRECTV has 30 second fast forward. It is not instantaneous and you see the picture during the 30 second "skip." I programmed the 3 "dot" buttons on my C4 remote for 1 minute skip, 2 minute, and 3 minute skip. This works pretty well, but it is not nearly as efficient as Dish. You hit the skip forward button on Dish and it happens almost instantly. The only downside is when you go too far. With DIRECTV, you might see the game or show come back on and you can interrupt the skip by hitting play at anytime. Overall, I much prefer the instant skip forward of Dish.
  2. Elvis

    Fan control

    Way over my head there. Headed to google.
  3. That's what I do now, and I think that'll be the way I continue. I didn't realize the dealer had to do so much to make the OVRC Home work. Thank you.
  4. Yeah, the 3 port is all I need. Is the product tied to the dealer that sells it to me? Thanks for all the other answers, too.
  5. Elvis

    Fan control

    My wife bought a fan for the porch that is only controlled by remote. MinkaAire. If you turn it off on the remote, and then someone turns the switch off... the confusion comes when they turn it back on. Nothing happens -- it goes back to the last state of the remote (off). Could I replace this remote with a C4 solution?
  6. Do you need two 4Sight subscriptions if you have two locations/two homes and want remote access to both? Would you recommend an EA1/SR260 wand for a single TV and possibly some light switches later? What about a 250? I've got one hooked up to my second TV here just for the OSD -- but it is never used. We don't need it for any streaming audio. Any integration with the Ring Security system? Not the camera but their little DIY security system? How much is this little Wattbox? I've already needed to reboot remotely and right now I can drive 6.5 hours or bother my new neighbor. Thank you.
  7. I just wait until I need the dealer for something else -- and they update the system at the same time. I think when Spotify Connect was added, I think I made a list of other tweaks I needed, and had it all done at once -- but the system update was the real reason. All done remotely by a dealer here on the forum. @chopedogg88, @AK1, @StroTek LLC, @Matt Lowe to name a few. Just ask what the minimum charge is if it is a small job.
  8. I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here, but I'm assuming this is a 3.5mm > RCA cable being used. Try plugging that same cable into another amp's line in and see if it works. This is what clued me in that standard 3.5mm > RCA cables don't work with Apple products. Airport Express, iPads, older iPhones, etc.
  9. Elvis

    WTB: Kwikset 916

    C4-KSC916DB-VB (99160-006) Kwikset Smartcode 916 with C4 zigbee module. This is the venetian bronze variety. New or used, please PM your price. (I need the whole thing.) Thank you.
  10. If you have a Vera controller and are using it to control your Z-Wave lights through the C4 drivers, you might not want to update the Vera controller's firmware. This is unverified by Vera, but based on my own experience. Apparently they no longer poll the Z-wave switches for status since the new Z-wave switches provide feedback. If you have Z-wave plus or relatively new Z-wave products, this might not be an issue for you. If your switches are older Z-wave, the firmware update will kill any scenes or control4 programming based on switch status. If they do polling, it is extremely slow. 5 seconds would be a fast response, 2 minutes would be more likely. This does not affect the C4 app controlling your lights/switches. That all works fine, although the app might not be in sync initially.
  11. LMAO. I'm only chiming in because I had a similar issue with running 3.5mm out to LINE IN on my amp. Turned out it was a cable issue. All 3.5mm males aren't the same. 3.5mm to RCA and (we still have a) Radio Shack geek showed me the difference. My dealer wasn't aware of this, nor was I, so I thought I'd throw this out there. @Cyknight pointed out, even after I got the right cable, I added a 3.5mm extension and problem resurfaced. Only reliable solution was to get the 3.5mm to RCA that worked right, and then if an extension was needed put it from RCA to RCA. Too many variables in the 3.5mm male and female connections to mess it up. For me, anyway.
  12. Most of my light switches are integrated via Vera drivers. They are fully programmable in Composer HE, but they seem to have disappeared from the WHEN THEN web app. I don't know when this happened, but I did just get updated to the latest C4 os. When I call up the web app, I was going to program a WHEN a light switch turns on, and only my C4 dimmer and Axxis lamp dimmer show up. Every light switch used to show up. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks.
  13. Elvis


    I saw that, too. @RyanE or other C4 employee care to not give us any info on this?
  14. Elvis

    Inexpensive shades or blinds?

    I went with Vera Plus and it has been rock solid (knock on wood). @chopedogg88 was able to set it up remotely.
  15. Elvis


    Thanks. I’ll look into it.