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  1. tdougray

    NetPlay Home compatible equipment list

    Hi Wap please dont take this as being rude or offensive but this seriously has to stop. Control4 has never made it easy for you because it is a dealer only platform. You knew this before you bought into it. It will never be easy for you because they do not want it to be. But you do have a choice..... Build the bridge and get over it or stop using it. It is that simple. You seem switched on so surely you must agree that you are using any thread you can to bang the same drum!! We all know your feelings so please please please leave the posts for relevant responses. Cheers
  2. tdougray

    Ok now the direct approach

    Hi Wap I am new to control4 and whilst yes i'd love it to be fully open to the end user I also fully understood before I embarked on this journey that this is a dealer only model. They have always advertised it as so and always will. My question is :- 1/ were you wrongly told at the start that this was not a dealer only product? 2/ If you knew from day 1 that it was and you agree that they haven't hid the fact why are you so angry about it? This is not a dig at you I am just curious?
  3. tdougray

    2.10.6 released

    So can we now browse through playlists with this new driver?
  4. Your absolutely correct and I totally agree. What is the point!!
  5. Great to see they are finally releasing an outdoor speaker as well. Been asking for this from them for years.
  6. tdougray

    Control4 buys Neeo

    Please dont look like these thou!! Bloody ugly 😂
  7. tdougray

    c4-sapd 240

    Can someone please tell me what driver is used for this square adaptive phase dual load (240v) dimmer?
  8. tdougray

    AV Rack Overhaul

    I agree that manufactures do not actively endorse it and why would they, any pinch point could effect signal lose but to say adamantly discourage is complete fabrication. https://installers.hdbaset.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Dos-and-Donts-WP.pdf
  9. tdougray

    AV Rack Overhaul

    If the patch panels are terminated correctly and well, there is minimal loss of distance with HDBaseT. I am using a standard 110 panel along with good quality patch cables between this and my matrix.
  10. tdougray

    AV Rack Overhaul

    It is perfectly acceptable to run HDBaseT through a patch panel. I run my HDbaseT through a patch panel and have no problems whats so ever in fact a lot of installers do this.
  11. tdougray

    Sr260 Screen brightness

    Have turned this off and is now a lot better. Thanks
  12. tdougray

    Best setup for Amplifier and Matrix Switch

    I might have this wrong ( I am sure guys on here will put me straight) but it all depends what you want your setup to do? Your current setup mean that your living room is running totally separate from your your other zones. This is fine but none of your other displays will have access to the sources you currently have connected to your amp. I would have all sources especially the controller through the matrix then have the hdmi run through the amp before running to the TV.
  13. tdougray

    Color SMART ligthing advices

    Bloody expensive option but buy a native C4 switch and hue bulbs and every base covered. Total control of both switch & bulbs.😂
  14. I have just noticed that one of my remotes look a fair bit dimmer than my other remotes. I have checked the settings and the display brightness and keypad brightness settings are the same so I am a little confused??
  15. I use tablets in each room with nothing else installed but the C4 app which I never come out of. That way whenever you wake the tablet up you are always back within the app, no need to launch.