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  1. You say Sonos and C4 are completely independent? There is a Sonos driver that integrates into C4 and whilst it doesn't offer a boat load of control it does let you control it from C4 and also everything listed in the " my sonos" part of the App will show up in C4 .
  2. I'll Give it a go and see what happens @ that cost nothing to lose. Thanks for your help. Tony
  3. Yeah they do look nice and at a stupid price just not sure how you would control the individual loads? Ie on a 3 gang. Thanks
  4. Yes they are https://www.itead.cc/smart-home/sonoff-t1.html and also listed on https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki. as compatible for the flash update Thanks
  5. David, Can the Touch Light switches be controlled using this method or is it only the inline modules? Thanks
  6. Not sure if you can find previous assigned addresses. I think you'll have to re-assign the new address in composer under the skyQ driver. There will be plenty of guys on here willing to do that.
  7. tdougray

    Audio endpoints

    Thanks for the confirmation
  8. tdougray

    Audio endpoints

    Quick question, Is there a way of getting the "digital_audio_server" (which includes my amazon music) from my EA3 to show up and able to be used in my secondary rooms which only have Sonos speakers in as the Audio endpoint? Or do i need to have a physical connection from the controller to the speaker ie an EA1 in the other rooms? Cheers
  9. tdougray

    UK Blind control

    https://service.somfy.com/downloads/nam_v4/universalrts_interface_instructions.pdf Looking at this it seem like it can communicate just using RS232 to RTS. I just dont think this would be as easy to set up as the My link route. Decisions decisions!!!
  10. tdougray

    UK Blind control

    This does sound promising, the only part im concerned about is the range as I have thick concrete walls and oak doors. Looking at the spec its range is 11M. I have managed to locate the URTSI 11 from the states for a little more yet the range is extended to 27M. Was just wondering if you have had any experience with this or know if it is set up the same as the mylink?
  11. tdougray

    Amazon music driver

    Again I am sure its me but Just goes straight to now playing screen! I have deleted it and brought it back in to be sure.
  12. I am sure its me being thick but I once you add the driver to the project where the hell do you enter the Amazon login details?
  13. tdougray

    UK Blind control

    Why do you think going forward it will have issues?
  14. tdougray

    UK Blind control

    Ok so if i use a vpn I can fool the app store in to thinking i'm in the US thus enabling the "mylink" app to show up? Once downloaded I just use the App to set things up? Have you encountered any problems? Or does it work a treat?
  15. tdougray

    UK Blind control

    Ok so I think i can get hold of the "mylink" controller and i can get a transformer but I cant seem to find the app at the moment. If / when I do are you saying that i can't use the app without using a vpn because i am in the UK?