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AVR's with inbuilt full HDMI Matrix switching for two rooms.


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What AVR's have you all used (if any) with full certified C4 driver control that gives your clients full HDMI Matrix switching for at least two rooms?


Some of the higher end Denon's and Pioneers seem to offer HDMI matrix switching for 2 rooms using the IR remote:


That is in a separate room a user can be watching any of the 6 to 8 HDMI sources plugged into the receiver independently of someone watching different or the same source in the primary room. Ie for all intense and purposes these AVRS's are acting like they have full two way inbuilt 6-8x2 Matrix switching.


IS this really the case?


And do the Control4 drivers treat them as full 6-8x2 matrixes just like say a Leaf or a SnapAV?



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I know the Pioneer receivers are a bit misleading, in that they are essentially only 8x2 with Out 2 beinga  mirror of the main output and the 'HDZone' output being the only seperately switching one.  Also, there's some weird limitations on what can be induvisually done or not (ie, 4 of the 8 inputs, if selected in either zone, make both zones locked to view the same iput).


Driver wise it all works - it's the receivers themselves that have some oddities.

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Can I bring this topic up again?


Sorry if this seems daft, but with the receivers mentioned I am assuming the HDMI zone outs offer true HDMI audio (as well as video) on those outputs?


That is, bitstream or multichannel PCM audio is output via HDMI (not as seems to be the case with my cheaper Yamaha Aventage 1010 stripped to stereo?)


(What I want to do is run an HDMI cable carrying both video and multichannel audio out from a receiver)... into an Oppo... It's all about the way I'm setting up my new HT... I know the Oppo will accept HDMI like this direct from a dedicated source.. but what about coming from a receiver??) 

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