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FS: Sony BDP-CX7000ES 400 Disc Blu-Ray Player


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Original retail was 1900 USD, new in box are currently STARTING for as much as 5000.

Used range from 750 to 1500 USD.

1500 CAD at the moment is less than 1200 USD. So on the high end of used, but not out of whack.

I can't disagree but for $1200 - $1500 you can buy a lot of NAS and a Dune and the drivers are now free and we are about to step change to 4k and ATMOS which this can't support.

I was looking at one of these but ultimately could not justify the spend for the above reasons.

Spend the same again and you can put a kalidescape in!

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Preference - true BLu-Ray use.

Many people are still scared of NAS use or simply unable (or unwilling to learn) to build one.

Plus the ability/desire to rip all those movies. Let alone manage them.


BUYING a NAS setup that stores 400 BluRays in full (uncompressed) is considerably more expensive than that. Buying a setup that takes away the 'burden' of ripping movies (put in and forget) is even more.

A K-Scape setup for 400 discs is going to come closer to 30k than 3k.

Even a diamond design setup for example is looking at 10k or more once all is said and done.

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Oh I'm in no way saying it's an ideal solution - the thing takes quite some time to load a disc too.

In fact when mine started acting up not that long ago I decided to build my own RAID setup (still busy transferring) - but there's value there for some. If you own 300+ discs, using one of these is still a lot quicker to get going than setting up and ripping all those movies.


But do note that if you're doing (easy) full ISO rips of discs, you'll often (ironically) still keep those warnings, and ability to skip may or may not work.

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I have both a NAS and the Mega Changer, Both have their pros and cons.  I had 400 Blurays and I didnt see the need to spend all of that money to put them onto a NAS drive.  I have a couple hundred blurays on my NAS now too.  I use them both quite regularly.  The NAS and 24 TB were about $2000 and i bought the Mega Changer for $1100 off of this website a few years ago.  So, cost wise it wasn't too big of a difference.

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I love my 7000 and don't feel like investing the time and money into a dedicated NAS system for all my video files. Like many others I have media in all formats, and I have about 300 rips on top of my 350 bluray/DVD library and my iTunes library. I think the versatility of the 7000 makes it attractive for the right person with that extensive movie library. It will sell. Might need to be patient on it is all.

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