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registering & identifying controller w/ Composer HE


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Hey, all


Wondering if someone can help me troubleshoot here. 


My controller's network card fried, and I am now connecting an identical model replacement controller that was replaced via RMA. In theory, an end-user should at least be able to register the new controller on an account, but I'm running into issues.


I have two initial questions:

  1. Should an end-user be able to complete the controller registration process with Composer Home Edition?
  2. Is "identifying" the device in the project something that can only be accomplished with Composer Pro?

The controller has OS 2.3 on it, and using Composer HE 2.3, I can access the "account services" window. When it initially loads, the status field shows the following error message:

"No response to check in request. VPN connection may be invalid."


Upon entering the controller registration code, I get a different error message in a dialog window:

"Error activating controller: GenerateCert failure. Generation of certificate failed.  Connections for Director are still being established.  Please re-identify the controller and then complete registration."



In the boot log file, I'm seeing the following error, as well, and not sure if they are related:

ERROR: Interface not found.
Does my dealer need to identify the device first, and THEN we can register it?


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Thanks @cyknight

If you are open to a brief assist with identification and software update from 2.3 to 2.5.3, PM me with your rate and availability...happy to pay via PayPal or other method.

Yes, the controller needs to be identified before it can be registered, yes Pro is required for ID, yes you can do registration from HE.

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Apart from anything else - identification of the main controller unfortunately Has to be done on-site. VPN offers some ability there if available.

Find Neil in the user list and send him a Pm, he may have the setup for it - I'm quite literally stuck on a jobsite for the foreseeable future

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Because (I'm assuming based on the registration question!) its the MAIN controller you're talking about - without that identified, there's no system to log into.


If this isn't the main controller - my apologies - then yes it can certainly be done. Though in that case there'd be no need to register either.

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Got it.

So, I'd love to hear ideas from dealers here on how a dealer can remote into my network and complete this 5-7 minute task.


My suggestion?:

- I install Composer Pro on my machine

- Let dealer remotely access my desktop, authenticate the installed copy of Composer Pro, do what they need to do.

- before end of session, I delete the software


But, we all know the above would never happen.


Instead, I need to screw around waiting days for a dealer to prioritize coming on-site to perform a 5-7 minute task (identifying, at least).

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I'm no dealer, but i'll give you my experience.  I had my main controller crap out.  my dealer sent me a new controller and identified it remotely.  He remoted in to my computer installed composer pro, and I pressed the identify button when he told me too.  He then installed the newest version of composer pro (2.5) at the time and updated my OS version.  It may not be part of best practices but it can be done and I bet some of the dealers on this forum would have no problem helping you out.

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