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DLNA Music – An alternative digital music experience

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Hi guys,


Control4 just released a new driver they developed today.  Pretty cool.  Works great.






DLNA Music – An alternative digital music experience 


Control4 is pleased to announce the availability of the DLNA Music driver. This is an alternative to the standard My Music digital music driver for use where the customer’s local music collection is stored on a NAS drive. Most NAS drives ship with a DLNA music server which is compatible with this driver. 


The advantages of the DLNA Music driver in these situations are: 

  • No Music Scanning Required – The driver uses the information already scanned by the DLNA server. 
  • New Music Appears Quickly – The DLNA server can constantly monitor for new music. 
  • Searching - Music collections can be searched by Artist, Album, Genre etc. 
  • ‘His and Hers’ music collections – it is possible to set up different libraries for different members of the family. Justin Beiber shall never intermingle with your Prog Rock collection again. 
  • Tailor the navigation – many DLNA servers allow you to tailor how the information is presented to the user. Some are particularly good for Classical or Jazz collections. 

It is important to remember that this driver does not scan the music collection or lookup metadata. If customers that have already copied their CDs or purchased music from online stores this is not necessary. It also means that the driver does not edit or change the customer’s metadata. If a customer uses iTunes or other programs that lookup metadata as they copy CDs this driver can be used successfully. 


Supported NAS drives and Servers 

The driver has been tested using the following popular NAS drive and DLNA server solutions. 



Use either Twonky which is shipped with the NAS, or install Asset (Free or Paid versions). The QNAP native DLNA server is not supported. 


Netgear Ready NAS 

Use the built in ReadyDLNA server. You can also purchase Twonky for some models. 


WD Live 

Use the built in Twonky DLNA server. 



The built in DLNA server will work but does not support searching. 

For other NAS drive manufacturers look to see if they include or support either Asset or Twonky. 



The driver is ideal for customers that have their local music collection on iTunes. By moving the iTunes library to a NAS drive it is possible for the customer to enjoy their iTunes music collection via their Control4 system without needing to keep a computer permanently running. 


Classical and Jazz Collections 

If you have customers with classical and jazz music collections then they often want to be able to search or browse their collection by Composer, Orchestra, Conductor or Soloist. The Asset DLNA music server available for the QNAP NAS offers these abilities. It relies on the customer’s music collection being accurately tagged. dbpoweramp also provide CD Ripper which is particularly good at accurately copying and indexing classical music collections. 


Available Now 

The driver is available now in Composer via the online database. You can find it under Media Service, Manufacturer Control4. 

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I deleted the old My Music driver and was then able to add the DLNA driver.  So for some reason in my configuration, they could not co-exist. I could immediately see the music in composer.  I refreshed the Navigators in order to see the correct driver in the UIs.

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