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Remote SR-260 out of reach


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I live in a house with 3 floors. The "site" where aI have the rack and all the Control4 controllers is at the basement and the TV room is on the 2nd floor.

The remote control has not been operating as it doesn't reach the TV room. And my installer is suggesting either to buyt another HC-250 controller or to fill the house with ZigBee antennas.

I dont want either of these as I wont use the Zigbee antenna for anything else and I don't want to spend so much money on another HC-250 only to use the remote.


Is there any other solution?



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buy a controller used here or else where will work just fine as a repeater. If you have an hc800 and it does not have an antenna to extend the antenna i would do this.


May be possible to relocate antenna to 2nd floor not sure on the maximum run distance on this however. relocate controller behind tv use io extender in rack for control.


or convert to all ip controlled devices and relocate controller behind tv.

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^Randomly adding a second controller as a ZAP it not adivsealbe. There is sucha  thing as too many ZAPS. In addition, Only the HC250 and HC800 have the ability to run ZAP PURELY over Ethernet, meaning that older controllers need to be within range of the existing mesh themselves to work properly, so locating in teh room with issues may not work at all.


If you HAVE a controller already - try it. If you don't, either just get one  Card Access Extenderv3 and put it in the room (One is usually enough - it's generally powerful enough to be in a 'weak' area to be able to communicate with the HC800), or perhaps try the external antenna mentioned.

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