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Seems that using the room variable CURRENT_VOLUME + [some value] doesn't do anything. It does show up in the navigator as increasing but I can't hear any difference, I know I can circumvent this problem by sending a 'Pulse Volume up' command, so this question is being asked more out of curiosity than necessity.


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I AM. The break is not necessary (end-user)!

As a new user I’ve noticed a major disconnect between dealers (ComposerPRO) and end-users (ComposerHE); hence what a dealer might program is not necessarily what an end-user would. If for no other reason than the capability doesn’t exist in our version of the program (think loops).

The reason I say “I am” is that I’ve got a lifetime of computer experience, having first played with them late 1966. I became intrigued, continued to play with them whenever I got a chance (long story), then set up my own custom programming firm in the mid 70’s, selling my first commercial product in 1978 (Wang 2200 minicomputer).

Been doing programming ever since, although for the last fifteen years or so and especially after I sold the business and retired, I’ve been doing less so. But programming logic has not changed.

You BREAK out of a loop when something expected (or unexpected but anticipated) occurs. For instance looping through an unsorted group of entries, then breaking out once you’ve found what you’re looking for. A Python example:

for macro in macros:
    if macro == “what I’m looking for”:

I would love to have C4 beef up the HE version of their software. Leave the hardware capabilities in the PRO version if they truly need to protect their dealers; but please give us end-users more control over our own systems.

Of course I’d also like to see them bring the software out of the 1970’s. Simple things would make life so much easier, such as: Presenting lists alphabetically instead of in the sequence in which they were entered, plus allowing us to the change the name of a macro (as well as other agents).

In the not too distant future, as voice activation becomes more and more mainstream, we will be finding ourselves with hundreds of macros – all presented to us in the sequence in which they were entered. Yuk! (BTW, that’s why I’m numbering everything. 70-80’s yes, but it works. I'm also optomistic that C4 will eventually allow us to change those names.)


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All I asked was a hardware question - why the pulse command works but current_volume += 1 does not. I got an answer, then someone (dealer?) chimed in with " Dont forget to put a break command after pulse volume" (guessing, I assume, that I was using a loop) and I responded with "why" since it made absolutely no sense (loop or no loop).

There is a lot of incredible programming behind the scenes at Control4 - all you need do is see what can be accomplished with hardware from multiple manufacturers, how the entire project is tied together into a [normally] seamless operation. The dealer network is also pretty incredible - obviously some better than others. In our case, I'm totally convinced there is not a single piece of "hardware" they cannot connect - but some of what I wanted only happened because I took over the software. That is not a negative statement! There is a lot of disconnect over simple lifestyle choices that might have to change or be circumvented for C4 to work; and, of course, there is always more than one way to handle a programming issue. C4, by refusing to give the end-user full software control, is forcing its dealer network to play programmer; which in my case was [initially] really frustrating.


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