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Newbie question on managing my expectations




Apologies for what may be a dull question in the wrong forum. 


We we are about to embark on what for us would be a large extension to our kitchen/diner.  The design company we are using (currently) are  design and build and to that end are to my mind a little prescriptive in their choice of things. 


Control4 is their chosen method of automation which I have absolutely no issues with but have in initial conversations been informed that we for example only use - Yamaha amps / monitor audio speakers / Epsom projectors etc etc etc and we wouldn't use last years amp because we need it to be future proof. 

Now quite apart from the future proof statement which made me ask them if I could have the 2020 model of the Yamaha amp in that case my question really is

are they being that prescriptive because it's easier for them (and should I seek out a different company) or is It a C4 thing 

my kit list runs to in my mind the best reviewed items that are in my price range 

so Sony projector, lg oled ,sonos,denon etc etc


I'm not - nor do I think I should be willing to compromising the quality of kit that I want to accommodate the control software given I'm old enough to remember having to get out of my seat to switch channels


any thought greatfully recieved based in UK if that makes any difference


thanks in advance


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Control4 is quite flexible in what 3rd party products it can control as there are literally thousands of drivers written to control tvs, receivers, etc, so it is not Control4 limiting you to certain product lines.  That being said I do see the value in companies pushing certain brands.  They are likely products that their install team is familiar with and has found to be reliable, which matters to them as they will be the ones servicing the system.  I think this should be more of a guideline then a rule for companies though.  I'm all for pushing certain products using the reasons I just mentioned, but at the end of the day if the customer wants to use something else they should be flexible to do that unless it's going to be an inferior product or there will be issues with integration.  None of the products you mentioned would give you issues outside of the limitations of the Sonos integration which is currently favorites only.  I'd have a chat with the dealer and point out that you've done some research, you like these products, and you're not going with off brand stuff.  If you can still buy any of that stuff from them try to do so.  That will keep the relationship with the dealer in a good spot and as you get more into the automation world you'll find that relationship is probably more important than any products you have in your home.  Hope that all this rambling is somewhat helpful :) 

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C4  can integrate almost any gear - all dealers will have a preference/standard set of items they use and know though - and will work better with that gear for it. We do too - though we do not say you cannot...etc. The bigger the project, the more familiarity with gear counts.

That said, you'll find any number of opinions on what gear is best, and they're all right - or all wrong :P


Here's what's truly important: Make sure you see eye to eye with the company doing it.

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Thanks all - i guess the kit bit is unfortunately subjective and i need to make a call on whether i want what appears to be an amazing control system or whether the items on the end of the cables are more important - I'm sure the Epson is great but i can't imagine that every Epson is great, in the same way as I'd say yes to an Aston Martin but wouldn't want this one

Image result for aston martin cygnet 

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