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I have a few questions regarding IR control.

1) When I wired my house IR control completely slipped my mind. For some reason in my head I thought TV control would be IP. Since I didn't wire for it, I ended up using the brown wires on one of the CAT6 runs to my main TV's to get back to my rack and tie into the controller for IR control. My understanding is that if I reuse that cable and plug it in to my Roku or TV, not having the brown wires eliminates Gigabit Ethernet. Is that correct, or does it just take away POE? For the locations I've done that already it's not an issue because I used an extra CAT6 that was unused at that location.

2) Assuming it does eliminate gigabit Ethernet, I have two locations where I probably don't want to go that route because I only have one CAT6 run to each location. In that case, I'm looking for the simplest and most affordable solution to gain IR control over two devices at each location (TV and DirecTV box). Would getting a cheap HC-200 to stick behind the TV work? Anyone have any other ideas? My installer recommended against IP for the TV, but if I remember correctly DirecTV might have an IP driver however I'm not sure if it's any good.


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You could use an HC200 at each TV, or Global Cache has an  ir device that work with Control4 over an ip connection.  Consider an EA1 or an HC250 (if you also want serial, 1 relay and 1 contact sensor).  Having a Nav on each TV can be a nice feature so I would avoid the HC200 if you want a quick responding and good displaying NAV.

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