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After 4.5 years of use controller has failed and with it all tv, doorbells, security system, thermostat, and other systems that work with it is not working or working properly. I asked my dealer whether he will install a controller (same control 4 controller) that I can buy from secondary market like ebay.  I told him I would take the risk of its not working. But he mentioned that Control4 forbids its dealer to install its own product from secondary market ( it is saying that BMW dealership won't service its own car if you do not buy it from them).  Is this true ?  Would a control4 person reply to it ?  The dealer had no issue trying to sell me the same used controller that he has but four times more expensive .

I have started to have second thought about control4... I wish they would make their system simpler such that we do not always have to rely on the integrators.



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Can’t say for sure but I think your dealer is trying to push through a sale.  Of course he would try to look after his business it’s only natural but to say it’s forbidden I believe to be wrong( guys will correct me if I’m wrong)

A lot of dealers would be very wary of any bit of kit they haven’t been involved with for obvious reasons but there are really good guys on this forum that I’m sure would be able to help remotely.


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Then you should be in good shape, although I don’t know how it might affect your Zigbee mesh. If I were you I’d buy a used 800 or used EA5 and have one of these remote dealers help you out. 

I don’t know this to be true, but I have a feeling we’re on the cusp of new controllers coming out - the EA5 has been around a while. I probably wouldn’t pop for a brand new controller right now but if you do, it will work great!

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Thanks for your suggestions! I’m buying an old similar controller ! The dealer has finally agreed to help install and program it. Hopefully it will work out

i hope the future controllers make it easier to work and program theses devices 

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