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My parents recently had to move and hastily boxed up an entire media closet setup in hopes of having me set it all up. I'm leaning towards this being too great of a challenge for me to take on for them. So.. I found this forum in hopes that someone can take the below items off my hands so I can just re-invest in a simpler setup for them, save some money, and less frustrations (for me and for them).

I'm a bit of a newbie with control4 tech, so any honest feedback/offers will be greatly appreciated! I'm in DFW if any of you live around there, we can meet up if you'd like to see the items below.

Here's everything I have unpacked that's up for sale. I'd prefer to try and sell it all in one package, but I realize the likelihood of that is pretty low (I'll definitely negotiate if you help me save time not having to deal with tons of buyers)

  • C4-WMB-B Wireless Music Bridge (I'll toss this in for whoever buys some stuff)

  • Panamax M4300-PM Home Theatre Surge Protector 

    • Price: $115

  • C4-HC250-BL Home Automation Controllers (I have 2 of these)

    • Price: $25/each  **Thanks for the advice everyone!**

  • C4-SR250B-Z-B Remote Controls (I have 2 of these, they aren't in the best shape cosmetically but work fine)

    • Price: $40 for both 

  • C4-8AMP1-B 4 Zone Amplifier 

    • Price: $400 (I'll take care of shipping)

  • RX-A750 Yamaha Receiver

    • Price: $200 

If you're interested, make me an offer!




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On 9/10/2020 at 12:05 PM, Elvis said:

Hi Jason,

The wireless music bridge is not worth $5, in my opinion.

The HC-250s don't work with OS3.

Just some feedback. Good luck.


Oh jeez, that outdated I guess? Dang... Well, that stinks...

(thanks for the feedback!)

Am I on point with the other items? Did some light google'ing last night and averaged what I saw selling on ebay.

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23 hours ago, knowitall said:

The HC-250’s are ABSOLUTELY worth something, even more so if BL-1 model (you’ll have to check sticker on bottom). 

He never said they weren't worth anything - just that they won't work in the current OS.

Should be able to get 50-75 US dollars for it

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2 hours ago, Elvis said:

As Cy said, I don't think the HC-250s are worthless. Just have to find someone that needs one. 

An HC-250 with one of the remotes might be just a fit for someone wanting to get started in C4 for cheap.

Yeah, my bad. I misread it. I guess I'll just negotiate on those. Heck, even 20 bucks for each would be nice going towards the new setup!

Thanks again!

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