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End Session without Turning Room Off

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is a simple fix for an issue I have with a small C4 setup.  I have an EA3 in use in a cinema using a projector as a video sink and a meridian surround sound setup.  I want to be able to switch between a video source (such as SkyQ) and an audio source (such as TuneIn) without the following problem occurring.  The problem I have is as follows;

Client selects to watch SkyQ (Video and Audio present)

Client changes to listen to TuneIn Radio (TuneIn Audio present, SkyQ video still present (no problem))

Client selects to watch SkyQ again (Video and Audio present)

Client has no control of SkyQ anymore (No IR codes are now being sent - Problem)


I can still see that the TuneIn audio session is still in use but I cannot end the audio session without it killing the video session as well.  Meaning ending an audio session turns the whole room off.  Because we are using a laser projector this takes time to turn off before it can be turned back on.


Any suggestions how I can end the audio session without turning the room off??


Thanks all,





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You should be able to do this by default.  If they are hitting watch SkyQ and the system still thinks you're on tunein you may have a bindings issue, outdated drivers, or something else causing this not to work.  I would make sure everything is updated and double check your bindings and endpoints. Does SkyQ show up as an available audio and video device in that room or did you have to do some kind of programming to make that work?

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Thanks for the advice mstafford388. I ensured everything is updated and that there is no funky programming. The problem still persists.


The SkyQ shows up as the required AV paths in the correct room and all endpoints are connections are standard. All I have in this room (the only room in the system) is SkyQ, Apple TV, an EA3 and a surround sound system.


Really bizzare.

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Confirming (actual input #s aren't important)

SkyQ -> input 1 on AVR
AppleTV -> input 2 on AVR
EA3 -> input 3 on AVR

AVR -> HDMI TV Input 1

How is the EA3 connected to the AVR? I'm assuming through the analog or digital audio if you're able to maintain SkyQ video when changing source.
Does the remote state SkyQ when switching back after TuneIn?
Does the system behave if just switching from SkyQ to AppleTV and back?

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How are you implementing the switch to 'other' audio and and back to 'full' SkyQ?

My first suspicion would be that you're 'manually' programming something, bypassing the native functionality, causing the system to not be aware of the change.

Knowing the details of how it's being done may point to a cause.

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I have the same setup, TV plays normally, sound comes throughout the TV, but any Audio goes to ceiling speakers via the source -> Audio Matrix -> speakers, so when I’m watching TV and turn on any source in the “Listen”, I no longer can control the audio on the TV, no way I can go back to full control of the audio on TV unless I turned off the room!

Its not that big deal and I live with this, didn’t really thought about it, may be the room control driver can be used but as I said I didn’t put any efforts in this scenario!

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