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Will older Control4 Thermostats (NOT Aprilaire's C4-THERM, the older smaller ones) work on CORE processors on 3.3.1?



We're upgrading a project from 2.10.6 with HC800 and various HC250 to the CORE family of products. (CORE3 + IOXV2, CORE1's)

The project (2013) has the current gen light switches, but a whole bunch of older thermostats. 

The owner wants to upgrade to OS3 and later add Halo remotes, but is hesitant in case he has to change all thermostats.

I can't find solid info anywhere. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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20 hours ago, RAV said:

EVERYTHING zigbee is compatible through all versions and processors.

Weeeeel. Not quite.

Yes in and of itself the old t-stats will work fine on Core controllers but there are a few notes:

-To connect older devices to an HC250/800 series, EA/CA series or CORE series controller, it MUST be upgraded to ZigBeePro (the old version Embernet, dates back to BEFORE 1.8) and you'll need an HC300/500 controller running an older version (pre 2.6, maybe still on 2.6) to be able to update them. Frankly if they're on embernet....you're better of replacing the device.

-SOME old devices cannot be updated to zigbee pro, so if they were embernet products, they're done (Card Access sensors, but not all)

-SOME 1st gen devices don't 'like' new controller and devices zigbee chips (mainly if not only the very oldest lighting devices from C4, as in the first roll-out of the old style dimmers/switches/keypads)) - you'll need to ensure there are some 'newer' old style lighting in the system to get them to work (ie use as an in between) and even then they can be unresponsive.

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