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  1. Clients are starting to ask for Bose SoundBar 500 and 700 with their systems. Will there be a new driver soon? I tried using the SoundTouch 300 driver but the Bose Network driver doesn't find it, so no luck. The SoundBar 700 is essetially the 300 + Alexa. So... Y'know... Bose with integrated Alexa could be great for Control4, but I need to be able to control them too.
  2. In a few projects, the system AirPlay disappears randomly. It's all instances of the driver. Other AirPlay devices like HT Receivers and AppleTVs still work properly. Network hardware is generally a Mikrotik Routers with Ubiquiti APs.
  3. The blinds have their own Web Control module for their proprietary software, but I can't find Control4 integration options. Other than wiring relays from the rack to every blind, is there a way to control these over IP/Serial?
  4. Yes, because of previous people involved in the construction, most of the lights are panelized, BUT since we're using system remotes, wireless thermostats, and some keypad dimmers/switches/etc in other rooms, we went with wireless configurable keypads to improve the mesh. When you say "connect the data wires through"... Can you please expand on this? English is not my first language and I don't quite understand what that means.
  5. It's 4 keypads. Thankfully I asked here before asking my dealer and getting disowned. Is it the 48V Bus Power Supply? And instead of buying the Ethernet Gateway we simply use Zigbee?
  6. Here's the thing. I went ahead and prepared the house thinking about Control4 Panelized Lighting, with keypads in the rooms and main areas. The problem is that at first they were gonna be wired, but since the zigbee mesh for other products could use a little more nodes, I went with wireless. The problem is that I forgot to mention it to my architect and they only wired CAT6 to be used for wiring the Keypads to the BUS, and didn't add electrical wiring to the wall. The walls are concrete and the walls have been finished and painted already, so I'd like to avoid chiseling away. Would it be TOO bad to run LINE/NEUTRAL/GROUND through the CAT6 cable to power the keypad? The cables run all the way to the rack closet (about 50m away). Thank you in advance for any help or insights.
  7. So... Apparently there's no way. Iunno... I don't know how to tell my customer her $900 touchscreen can't change the size of the font. It feels like this should be a default feature. At least pre-defined small-normal-large options or something. Are there any themes available for download with larger fonts?
  8. Is there a way for a user or dealer to change the font size of an in-wall navigator? A client asked if the font on their WALL7 touchscreens could be made larger to avoid fetching their glasses to operate them. I've never been asked before and have never actually tried, but I can't find the setting or info anywhere.
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