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How many devices does EA3 support?

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like all devices are not created equal.  you posted next to nothing - this isn't someing you are going to diagnose on a forum.  Someone has to connect to your system and diagnose what is going on.

120 of what kind of devices?

how many zigbee devices?

How large of an area?

how many meshes?

how many other drivers?

120 devices really doesn't mean much...

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There is no limit on devices. The number of devices is an arbitrary figure that was created to make it simple to understand how powerful each processor is. The truth is it depends on the device the driver the features and the automation that is taking place at any give moment. Have something like the DLNA driver that has to access thousands of files will be more taxing than an ir driver to turn a tv on or off when the room is used. If you continued adding devices and updating the controller to the latest releases with even more features and speed to those features you will begin to see a degradation in performance. At that time it would be best to upgrade to another controller. However that does not mean the ea3 is going in the trash. It could remain as a secondary controller handling OSD, music or other IO duties. This will mean the new controller can have even more horsepower to operate the rest of the project.

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On 1/24/2023 at 9:08 AM, Matt Lowe said:

The number of devices is an arbitrary figure

Well... I'd call it a weighted average figure but yes it's no hard limit at all, and agree with the rest of the post as well.

The number is there to indicate a relative 'power' for each controller, as well as a 'quick reference' for a number of reasons (ie user states system is slow, what's the controller, is it anywhere close to or over that number? If yes, consider that as cause, if not, look at specific drivers or other causes).

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