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How to expose AVR as device in Control4 Voice Configuration for Alexa Control


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The root problem i am trying to solve is that when I am watching TV, I can turn the TV on, off and change channels via Alexa. What I cannot do is change the volume.  I figured I could work around this by checking the box to enable my AVR for Alexa discovery... alas when in the Control4 voice configuration the AVR is not in the list to be enabled, although my Video source options are.

Any suggestions?

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1 hour ago, South Africa C4 user said:

Volume can be controlled by Alexa at room level so you should be able to say something like increase bedroom volume by 5 or set bedroom volume to 20.

 Not in his setup as he's trying to defeat the rooms normal volume controls.


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Exactly, for some reason the room control driver doesn't seem to understand the receiver controls volume in the room.  So when I say "Alexa, turn the volume to 50 in the living room" she says ok but nothing happens. If I say, "Alexa, turn the volume to 50 on the TV" she says the device doesn't support that, but if I say, "Alexa, set the tv to channel 1090" the channel changes fine. same with power on commands.

I looked at the room control driver and I don't see a way to set the configuration so the room sees the receiver as the default audio/volume device

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6 minutes ago, lippavisual said:

What AVR are you using?  Does it support set volume from either IP or RS232?

I am using a Pioneer AVR controlled by IP and i can set discrete volume levels from macros/programing and is controllable via my C4 Remote without issue.  

I am wondering if I am missing a setting in the room configuration or the room control driver. Or is the problem something else?

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