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  1. Tried PM'ing you but it says you cannot receive messages....
  2. Let's say they are extremely unreliable and can't be trusted. That doesn't change the fact that a picture of a new controller was submitted, along with a detailed manual. I don't see how the FCC being unreliable would have any effect on that??
  3. Is this being sold yet? Looks interesting: https://fccid.io/document.php?id=3684393 C4-CA1 Manual.pdf
  4. Well, still having IR problems. I will connect a new IR bug to the output and see if I can track it down....
  5. I've got a lot of wifi routers in my area on channel 11 so I moved zigbee to channel 20. Still seems weird that poor zigbee performance would specifically affect IR!
  6. It is spliced into a cat5e. I have also started noticing poor WIFI performance so I moved the router to be more central in my house and changed WIFI channels as well as Zigbee channels to prevent any overlap. So far it *seems* like my IR is a lot better, which doesn't make any sense because the commands from my remote were working on all my other gear EXCEPT IR. I don't really understand why poor wifi or even zigbee performance would have an effect on IR only?
  7. Nope, IR bud is NOT blinking red. I will start moving stuff around.
  8. Is there a way of "testing" the port for proper operation? For example, could I check the the bug on the TV, and work my way backward to verify whether it's the cable or the port? Is there something within the HC-250 itself (CLI) that can be looked at?
  9. Hi all, I'm running 2.9.1 and recently the HC-250 in my master bedroom has been acting up. The IR for my LG tv is working very intermittently. Sometimes, it works perfectly, other times it does not work at all. My SR-250 remote works because I can switch media sources and control my Mede8er and Apple TV, it seems to be isolated to my IR. Any thoughts on what I can check? Would it be worth moving my IR to another port on the HC-250?
  10. Hi all, I've got a 4 year old system running an HC-800 and a bunch of HC-250's for my TV's running 2.9.1 Recently, in my master bedroom, the IR has gotten really flaky. Whether it's from the C4 app on my phone, or my SR-250, many times I cannot adjust the volume, and I don't see the little IR light on the front of the TV light up like it should. I've confirmed that I can switch inputs on the SR-250, so I know the remote is communicating with my system. Sometimes, it works perfectly! Curious if anyone else has IR problems, and if it's a sign my HC-250 is going bad, or something else?
  11. It's been over a week but I've finally straightened out my issues, and thought I would offer my solution for posterity. I grabbed a DMX splitter/amplifier and put it AFTER the 15th decoder to try and boost the signal to the last 3 decoders, no change. I then ran DMX XLR3 (with an XLR3->XLR5 adapter on the ES side) out to my first decoder, then ran an XLR3 from port 1 of my 8 port splitter into the 10th decoder. Still no change. Then I thought maybe my actual LED lighting was bad so I disconnected the load, connected two short wires to COM and Channel 1 on the decoder only to find out the decoder was indeed outputting erratic voltage. Finally (and this is what fixed it), I ran port 1 of the splitter into the LAST decoder (handling the problematic lighting), and I am now getting clean voltage. For some reason, that 18th decoder (which I've swapped several times with other decoders) needs a dedicated connection from the splitter. The other 17 loads are daisy chained via cat5 and they all work perfectly. Thanks for everyone's help, off to add more decoders!
  12. That is the first decoder, there's nothing coming out of the last encoder (although I've tried the XLR3 terminator without any change in behavior).
  13. Ah, yes that blue cable is going out to the DMX engine about 25ft away.
  14. Can you clarify what you mean by remote unit? The only remote unit is the ES DMX engine back in my server closet. I have tried installing a 3-pin DMX terminator on the last decoder but that didn't help. And actually, if I'm using cat5 for daisy chains, are the XLR's even "active"? Or do I need a cat5 DMX terminator?
  15. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I'd rather not trash all my decoders (have a lot of money invested), is it possible to simply use another Engineering Solutions DMX engine for another bank of decoders?
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