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  1. Hello, @Tony Quan! Welcome to Control4! I'm terribly sorry it's not working on Android for you! I just chatted with one of the Android developers and he confirmed that this bug hasn't been reported yet. He says he'll look into it, but he needs a controller snapshot. It's a zip file that contains the controller and touchscreen logs. It can be generated via Composer, if you're a dealer. If you're not a dealer, could you ask your dealer to provide the snapshot and email it to me? I'll PM you my email address.
  2. I do see some notes in Composer about how the DS2 RTSP URL changed recently. That wouldn't explain why the T4 works but not iOS though.
  3. It seems to be working fine for me with the latest App Store version, 324.21.0. Could you reproduce the bug on iOS and then email me the logs? I'll PM you my email.
  4. There are some potential issues with OS 3.4.2 + latest DS2 driver + Intercom that some of my coworkers are looking into. I'm personally looking into iOS app + DS2 camera feed (not for Intercom).
  5. @South Africa C4 user I'm sorry that it stopped working! I'll take a look on Monday when I'm in the office and have access to a DS2.
  6. Sadly, that bug number is for something unrelated. I looked for other bugs and found DRIV-10015, which was about this issue. Maybe that's the one you were talking about? Anyways, DRIV-10015 is a closed bug and says that the logout issue was fixed in version 12 of the TuneIn Premium driver. Opening Composer, I see that v13 seems to be the latest for the "TuneIn" driver, last updated 2023-09-22. Maybe you could try updating your driver?
  7. Hello, @Kaas Mayer! I'm sorry it's been a problem for so long. Do you know who you were talking to or what the ticket/bug number was?
  8. Sorry, I missed this. Yes, we fixed a bug that caused this. @fvierra27 Are you still seeing the problem? The bug fix should be released now.
  9. Dang, that's a long wait. I'll forward this to the Android team and ask them if they can get logs sooner.
  10. I'm told that OS 3.4.2 will be released at the end of this month. But, if you'd like to test it sooner, you can contact your dealer to get on the beta.
  11. I'm told it'll be available in OS 3.4.2 RC2. @msgreenf graciously informed me that RC1 is already available, so RC2 should be available soon.
  12. Hmm, it's working for me. Could you send me the app logs? Press OK on that error dialog (or just press CANCEL during connect to skip waiting for the 408a error), then go to Support -> Support Settings -> Email Logs -> Email. I'll PM you my email.
  13. I'll try it out now. Which version are you using? (Control4 (in system menu) -> About Control4)
  14. Thanks for the information! I'll link to your post in the bug, AV-9682. When I checked on it just now, it looks like there's a fix in OS, but it isn't publicly available yet (pending the OS team's testing and release schedule). I asked when it'll be available and will let you know.
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