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  1. D.Adams

    WTB: Kwikset 910 C4 modules

    I got three more available
  2. I have both Google Home and Alexa Alexa's C4 support while not "perfect" is easy and usable. C4's Google support however... Well is Non-Existent. Chowmain's IFTTT workaround is too time consuming to be called a "solution" I'm also disappointed. Not pointing any fingers. What I'm saying is that when a business' (C4) business is integration and as MAJOR as Google Home. Things NEED to get DONE. Excuses does not work I do not CARE to UNDERSTAND who is playing or not playing hardball. With the length of time that there have been no solutions. It is UNACCEPTABLE Note: Google - Android - Closed is usually not used in the same sentence. Again I'm not saying it is open or easy. Just saying that historically Google has been OPEN to integration
  3. D.Adams

    WTB: Kwikset 910 C4 modules

    I got a couple. What is Fair market price?
  4. D.Adams

    Future of C4 forums?

    Still Shocked. This site is what kept me with C4 Best Wishes, CytexOne
  5. D.Adams

    C4 stuff free (you pay shipping)

    Received it Mr. BFMorgan, Thanks again Your generousity is refreshing. I'll remember to Pay It Forward
  6. D.Adams

    C4 stuff free (you pay shipping)

    Thank you very much. I'll take the Tstat, and a kwikset module. How do i send shipping funds and how much. Let me know thanks.
  7. ive had success with lc65d64u but then i cant remember if it was perfect. good luck
  8. D.Adams

    Old equipment Still useable.

    In reference we are now in 2.71. There was a major hardware min requirements change in 2.6 which is was just released Sept of last year. But even then most people stopped using those at 2.0 which was 5 years ago
  9. D.Adams


    Apparently JameCo. no longer carries 229042 They are suggesting 2174071. Will this work? Hs anybody tried it? The form seems diff.
  10. D.Adams

    UNOPENED: Bought too much (as always)

    How many Sonnance stations you have?
  11. D.Adams

    UNOPENED: Bought too much (as always)

    anything left PM sent
  12. D.Adams

    OLD STOCK Never used

    Revised, added Used Control4 Audio Matrix 16x16
  13. D.Adams

    OLD STOCK Never used

    Found a 2-Button Keypad white, used. Added to the list
  14. We are an good size security company established for over 30 years expanding our Commercial/Residential Automation business Our business expands to Southeasthern Ontario. Our current need is for a per project back up programmer for our C4 jobs but can quckly turn to a full salaried position The ideal candidate to have the following skills: (1) Level Tech I or II certification (2) Problem solver attitude (3) Reliable transportation to an from any jobs and a valid drivers license (4) Must be able to interact directly customers and work independently (4) Flexible hours Hourly rate would depend on experience. All applcations are confidential