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  1. I have this driver from Annex. It's great the way all tv drivers should be. Love the toast messages. Ask Vince Dub or Matt Lowe to set you up if you need a dealer.
  2. Also most expensive
  3. You can also use the motions for direction based programming if you have more than one on the same path.
  4. Or the sound of a shotgun pumping.
  5. Get the hydrawise controller and if someone hops the wall that sprinkler zone will come also
  6. I use the card access motions and they do everything you want to do
  7. Mine is scratched up also.
  8. Vince set me up with a matterlink to control my wall air conditioner. Works great and I would recommend Vince to set you up.
  9. I have the hydrawise. Some ways I use it. Dog Run has a motion, dogs come out it senses motion starts timer when timer expires dog Run washes. I also have a motion out front. If any front zones are on and motion is detected the zone will stop, start a timer and resume. I also set this to the front door unlocking. Not sure you can control individual zones with ranchio or not.
  10. If vitali doesn't want it I could find a use for it.
  11. I bought it
  12. How much was the station to setup if you don't mind me asking?
  13. .
  14. Wrong thread sorry
  15. I use the weather underground driver and it shows as a thermostat in my system when I click extra it gives a full forecast