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  1. I hear good things about Visualint
  2. Pray for an update or try the wink driver. I hear that works.
  3. I have it turn on the some lights at night and I have it turn on music when I get home from work. When my cleaning girl comes it turns on all the lights in the house and also turns on the music to her favorite station. I also get a notification that she has arrived.
  4. My polling is at 60 sec and I use my garage door multiple times a day.
  5. My account wasn't blocked because the MyQ app worked the whole time. My problems were with the driver.
  6. He said he updated the driver and rebooted the hc800
  7. My dealer did something to get it to work. I think he updated the driver and rebooted the controller.
  8. My house lodix gave me the same prob it's been fixed for a few days. I asked my dealer to install the free driver and he said he can't get it to work. He said he would try again another day as the problem is most likely with the driver itself.
  9. My dealer said he had to go in and reenter the MAC address to get it to grab the new IP address.
  10. Alan up until yesterday my outlets worked well now they only work from the app and the c4 driver does nothing. Anyway for me to trouble shoot this?