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  1. when then doesn't work on my iMac either. I have to go in thru the ip.
  2. 2.10 Considerations

    Thx that worked
  3. 2.10 Considerations

    I'll try that
  4. 2.10 Considerations

    How do I get my screen savers back?
  5. It never did that before unless the state changed. The navigator time stamp shows my door closing every 2 min. Also triggers the toast message on the lg driver
  6. 2.10 Considerations

    I notice I lost my screen savers on my touch screens after updating. Also my v2 touchs didn't update according to the settings.
  7. The time stamp for the door also changes every 2 minutes. Kinda annoying. Don't use the wink it send my controller into a tailspin last night. Wouldn't work right till I got it out of the system.
  8. Help hope controller isn't dead.

    Got in had to reset the network and unplug the controller for 20 min. Then my dealer uninstalled the wink stuff back to stable. Thx for help everyone.
  9. Help hope controller isn't dead.

    Mine went down around 10:30 eastern
  10. Help hope controller isn't dead.

    I have the wink in beta version. I can't uninstall cuz I can't get controller to connect. My dealer got back to me I hope he can get it going for me when I get home.
  11. Help hope controller isn't dead.

    I wish I did. I went to my touch screen when it was loading and went into settings director and nothing was there if that helps.
  12. Help hope controller isn't dead.

    I did that also ☹️
  13. Help hope controller isn't dead.

    I did that also ☹️
  14. Help hope controller isn't dead.

    Unplugged and plugged it back in.
  15. I lost all my control in my house. I hope my hc800 isn't dead? I can't get on from composer and none of my 3 way lighting works or my tvs thermostats or music. The blue light is on the hc800 so I know it's on I used fing and can see an IP address. I tried to unplug the controller and reset that didn't work. Is there anything else I can try or is there a way I can tell if it's dead?