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  1. Doesn't Vince dub have a site up that he sells and installs the drivers from?
  2. Get keypad dimmers and create lighting scenes on the buttons. Done, and way faster than using an iPad.
  3. Turn that frown upside down.
  4. Delete
  5. Delete
  6. Still looking for testers?
  7. I've worked with you before. Your a stand up guy who does the right thing. You spent extra time setting up my tv driver for the lg ip driver being it's an os1 version and made it work for your original price. You went way above and beyond. Thank you.
  8. Not cool
  9. mind if I ask why?
  10. how many light switches and keypads can an hc800 or an ea5 handle before you would need to add an extra controller?
  11. What dimmer model
  12. Under conditionals on the right side you'll be able to get a question mark as an if. Then you drop the then command on top of the question mark so it's inset. ? If room is tv -> set source in kitchen to tv
  13. I have this driver from Annex. It's great the way all tv drivers should be. Love the toast messages. Ask Vince Dub or Matt Lowe to set you up if you need a dealer.
  14. Also most expensive
  15. You can also use the motions for direction based programming if you have more than one on the same path.