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  1. I just got a doorbird 101 and for some reason I can't even get it to send push notifications to my iPhone. I have it turned on in the app. Wondering if anyone else had this issue? Don't want to get the driver if I can't get this working properly. Thanks in advance.
  2. How many cable or satellite boxes do you want to use in the house? 1 per tv?
  3. It can send status message to the tv of doors, garage state, and more. It shows the native apps on the tv In your navigators and the 2 way feed back is really nice. Ask matt Lowe for pricing. He did mine
  4. Go back and read what you quoted.
  5. Yes I can send it to you on the way home.
  6. motion

    Got it thx dude,
  7. LG driver is amazing. But you have to pay for it as opposed to the sony driver. I believe it's worth it.
  8. motion

    Thanks I had to add it to the agents tab that's why I didn't see it.
  9. motion

    Where do I find the timer to program with? I see delay in programming control and autooff timer at the light switch.
  10. motion

  11. motion

    Also I'm kinda new to this. Where do I find the timer. All I see is set auto off and disable auto off
  12. motion

    Ok I probably should have mentioned this before. I have 3 light switches for the front of my house and want them all to do the same
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  14. It's worth it don't let the banter here deter you. My dealer is great and responds most times with in hours for things he can do remotely. I love c4 and couldn't imagine my home not having it now.