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  1. Got this installed yesterday by Vince Dub. Reach out to him for a copy.
  2. What features does it have that the ranchio doesn't?
  3. I would also like to do this. Is this exactly how I would do it? Is there anything else I would need to do?
  4. I also highly recommend Vince Dub. He has gone above and beyond to help me accomplish my wall air conditioner hack. Very knowledgeable and responsive. Can't wait to do more work with him.
  5. And now hydrawise
  6. Which irrigation controller do you recommend? I'm in the market this year to do this at my house. Thank you
  7. Look into Visualint cameras.
  8. I got $5 to donate
  9. Use angry ip scanner it's probably on a different range.
  10. I turn off the screens at night and the led lights on my switches and keypads. I also turn off the back lights at night and have them all come on with the wake up command.
  11. I'm glad they finally added a password to prevent anyone from seeing your lock passwords. That was a big flaw for a while.