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  1. Yale keyfree Lock

    From this pic it doesn’t look like it.
  2. Yale keyfree Lock

    Not sure. I’m wondering if it takes the same module as the other Yale touchscreen lock?
  3. Yale keyfree Lock

    Which module does that lock have. Can you take a picture. I could use a lock like that
  4. 2017 Thoughts for Control4

    My dealer has a guy who just handles programming remotely. They are a fairly large dealer tho.
  5. Does your driver mod fix the polling issue?
  6. I have the Hydrawise and it work flawlessly you can control individual zones
  7. WTB: Customized Buttons

    Roughly $5 each I think I paid. Give or take a $1
  8. when then doesn't work on my iMac either. I have to go in thru the ip.
  9. 2.10 Considerations

    How do I get my screen savers back?
  10. It never did that before unless the state changed. The navigator time stamp shows my door closing every 2 min. Also triggers the toast message on the lg driver
  11. 2.10 Considerations

    I notice I lost my screen savers on my touch screens after updating. Also my v2 touchs didn't update according to the settings.
  12. The time stamp for the door also changes every 2 minutes. Kinda annoying. Don't use the wink it send my controller into a tailspin last night. Wouldn't work right till I got it out of the system.