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  1. Because it’s blowing our emails and getting is the same result.
  2. This has been blowing up my email for 2 days now. We’re beating a dead horse here.
  3. Anyone know a solution for this? Not a certificate issue. If not I hear there’s a Certifed driver is that true? Can anyone pm me a price?
  4. I did the security patch. Still no luck. 😞
  5. Gave that a try today. Still no luck. 107 is the newest version.
  6. It’s saying return code 0 error message : correlation id
  7. I have the myq drover installed and it has worked well for a while. Now when I try and and open or close the door the GUI shows open or closed but the door does nothing. Any ideas what could be causing this? I’m running 10.0.0
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