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  1. IR control? I use SA driver which works fine. The IR receiver is in the middle of the box (shine flashlight on it to find). The other Spectrum boxes re RF (took me a while to figure that out)
  2. Weather Alerting?

    Easy. Weather underground driver with notifications of severe or any other event can cause by type of programming you want including email/text or announcement.
  3. Just got Spectrum Cable installed. The box is a Spectrum 201H (so Humax). I assume that means I use the Humax Cable V1,.0 IR driver. But I have no idea where the IR port is on this thing. Tried using a flashlight and no circle is visible anywhere. Tried just putting IR bud on right/left/and middle with no luck. Any ideas would be great! Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info! PK
  5. What IP driver would work with a Samsung JS9500? or is it only IR/serial?
  6. What TVs support IP Control

    Matt Have a LG C7 that I cannot run another cat5/6 to. How does the wifi work on the LG/annex IP control? The TV is webOS 3.5 PK
  7. Rock On Control4 of 4K!

    so JAP vs VS?
  8. RTI processor and JAP 2G items for sale

    Does the receiver decode dolby when hooked up into a receiver?
  9. RTI processor and JAP 2G items for sale

    What are the model numbers of the JAP stuff?
  10. HDMI distribution

    2 to each. Can JAP do PIP? This is a big thing since my wife wants to be able to see the surveillance camera as PIP when driveway alert or doorbell rings etc
  11. PiP or video overlay

    Can this only be done with their new tiler? or is there another way?
  12. HDMI distribution

    I have cat 6 to all locations and want 4k. Thanks
  13. HDMI distribution

    what is the approximate costs of transmitters/receivers for JAP? VS? I like the features of VS but concerned about your comment that it is not as reliable since i am replacing the C4 video matrix for this to gain reliability and reduce lag. Thanks!
  14. Thanks braintrust! My system is pretty quick. Just have an extra HC800 laying around so I thought I would use it to add some horsepower
  15. Is it best to have slave run zigbee, or master?