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  1. To answer my own question. I have not.
  2. Controversial Topic

    It really is too bad that pro is only for dealers. My dealer sucks and knows nothing about programming compared to what I have learned. He had even asked me how to program things that I have done with my system. I understand the completely the idea of controlling the hardware side of things since it is so powerful and set up right....brilliant. And C4 argument that dealers should set up and upgrade things cuz so much gets messed up if u do it wrong is reasonable. But there are people out there who can program way better than most dealers, but not install drivers and bind things (which is all my dealer does, no programming cuz he has no idea how; eg, asked him to turn on light with motion from alarm system. Said it can't be done. I did it with 1 line of code). It is stupid simple to do these things and allowing certain users who are willing to pay for certification (like me) to gain accesscan to Pro would make C4 so much better.
  3. Chowmain Drivers

    Thanks! Checking with the dealer i purchased from. Hopefully he can do it. if not would love your help PK
  4. Chowmain Drivers

    Thanks! I don't have a dealer so nothing was communicated. I do my own programming now including setting up the drivers after they were remotely installed. Unfortunately my chowmain drivers are not working (Notification Suite and IFTTT). I guess I need to pay a remote dealer to look into this...The huge downside of C4 for advanced users.
  5. My Chowmain Notification Suite driver is not working since the 2.10 upgrade. So I go to Houselogix to figure out whats the problem, but Chowmain has changed their drivers to DriverCentral. Anyone know if the licenses transferred or am I SOL? Thanks
  6. Araknis Networking Equipment

    Still available?
  7. HC-800 & HC-250's for Sale

    does remote charging station work with 260? does it include rechargeable battery?
  8. Is 4Site down

    joecheech, I had the exact same issue. My dealer was horrible, I had to do all the programming myself. I had to figure out that the reason my TV was not working was the HDMI run was too long and put in baluns (ran the cat6 myself, thankfully one thing I did myself was put smurf tubes to all AV llocations). I have to use a remote dealer to install drivers, but this has worked out well. There are a bunch on here that can log into your system and install the drivers you need. Light swtiches were a pain. Had to hire an electrciian to install the three way ones (complicated) but the single pole ones I did myself. Binding them does require ComposerPro, but programming them can be done in HE. In the end you will really like the system, but it does need good programming AND a great internet system (not Apple and consumer stuff). I learned all this the hard way. Happy to give you more advice, but you definitely need to hook up with a remote dealer for at least the drivers and programming issue.
  9. New Hunter Douglas Powerviews Hub

    any news on the new hubs?
  10. noticed the admin/admin (which everyone should have changed anyhow) has been removed. Is there something deep in the C4 system that this will mess up?
  11. Dealer has to change...and as a Mac user you need to use Composer in Parallels (which works great BTW), there is no Mac version. That being said deleting the MAC (not macintosh) address from the name does nothing to the controller.
  12. Items For Sale - Sonance

    PM me with the price...PK
  13. Araknis Networking Equipment

    how much for the (1) AN-100-SW-R-8 8 port unmanaged switch ?
  14. So out of curiosity....what are the other special functions that can be activated by hitting a special sequence? PK
  15. Thanks milehigh!!! That worked like a charm