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They're based in Provo, UT...which isn't far from my house. I see Vivant signs all over, including my next door neighbors yard. I know he has some level of automation...just don't know to what extent.

The guy seems to travel a lot (have only ever seen him once), but next time I see him I'll ask about if he has their automation.

My wife heard he does sales for Vivint, and that is why he is gone all summer...he goes to some area and supervises a team of door knockers.

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I had a Vivint door knocker come to my house and ask if I wanted Home Automation.

It's mostly thermostat / lighting / some camera support, I believe.

I had a good laugh, and explained what I mean by Home Automation... :)

No AV control at all, monthly fee based. i.e. initial install and panel aren't that much, but they'll hit you for the monthly forever.


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