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The most common way people get ComposerPro is to:


1) Talk to your RSM about your current business, and how you think you can qualify to become a dealer.

2) Become approved by same.

3) Make an initial purchase of something like $10-15k of Control4 gear.

4) Setup a showroom, and maintain it and at least one trained Control4 developer.





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Just a reminder to anyone viewing this topic. This is exactly what is NOT allowed on these forums. Control4 software is to only be obtained from Control4's dealer site. Anyone found to be requesting a download link for Composer will be issued one warning and will be banned on the next offense. Any links posted by any member to a download (even if its a joke link to a torrent/offensive site) will result in a ban without warning (well, I guess you can consider this your warning!   :) )


Thanks everyone for your understanding! This topic is now locked.

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