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Control4 Stock "Rally"


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According to that article the DIY automation craze has ended.


Every time I read something from Julie Jacobson I feel like I am reading a Seeking Alpha pumper article...


The only thing that is going to drive $CTRL higher and sustain will be a buyout or acceleration of growth. 

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Let's see - very low projected growth, negative earnings, 57% drop in stock price compared to 1 year ago during a so called housing boom.... I have a system too and I don't want company to go under and have to worry about what is going to happen to my tens of thousands that I have invested. Maybe that is the price to pay for being an early adopter of technology.

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It would be a great shame if they run out of money.


But this management team are clueless and someone would say ignorant.


Tried to contact them a few months ago about opening a dealership - No one as contacted me - I have two staff ready to go - One it based and one AV installer.


Things have slowed down a bit for me at the moment, so will contact again this week - Lets wait and see.

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