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How to search in Composer HE?


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Oh well another tether to your dealer

C4 made a big deal that they were changing things in 2.8 to allow customers to do more things themselves without having to get the dealer involved. What they gave us was the ability to change screen savers and wallpapers. Whoop-de-do.

Still can't add/remove/rename drivers/devices, use the full programming functions or even see all all the programming in your project.

Those with access to Pro have little or no understanding how those of us that don't how frustrating it is to not have control over thousands/tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and be forced to wait weeks for a dealer to do something that takes minutes.

I'm glad I have my Control4 system, but no longer recommend C4 to my tech friends because they would be flabbergasted to learn the kinds of stuff the owner of the system can't do. (My non-tech friends would be happy with Wemo and IoT DIY devices and wouldn't even consider the premium required to put in a Control4 system).

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Personally i use Macros for a majority of all my programming. Then i just insert the macros where i would like them to execute.


Then you can just go to your macros area see all of your different events. 


for example i have


Garage door open/close






then i can tie this macros to buttons or events within my system and if i want to make a change it will update all of the events.

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Sure, but you can't do everything with just macros. Once you add variables and timers triggered by other events, it gets complicated. And there's no way to see the full chain of related events, like a workflow chart.

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And there's no way to see the full chain of related events, like a workflow chart.

Yup. This is the issue. I use macros as much as possible, but having code in a macro just centralizes the function. It doesn't help when you are trying to find the how/when the function is run (i.e. Where the triggers are). As I get more into my project, remembering where stuff is gets harder.

I can understanding the logic behind not wanting customers to mess around with drivers and bindings (don't agree, but can understand). But I can't see any logic to not allowing HE users to use Detective Suite or the programming extensions other than "let's really piss off the guys we should piss off the least".

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I don't think it's on purpose. What's excluded from HE just seems very arbitrary.

Ex.g. why can't we rename devices or rooms?

THAT part is simple - because it's part of the same sub-section as where drivers are added. With that sub-section removed from the program, so is the ability to rename. Nothing arbitrary about that bit.

Whether or not HE needs to have some other way to allow this is a different discussion.


Neither does it explain why Detective Suite isn't there. Perhaps it's tied in to other sub-programs somehow.

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