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7 hours ago, Cyknight said:

There's a reason this is on almost every 'pro' movie server.

One of them is reliability. Another consistency. Fastest to -ahem- update is another.


As for what program to use after - it depends on what you want. From the 'anydvd' guys there's good dvd and bluray rip options for iso - full or edited to exclude unwanted features (extras, languages etc). VERY simple to use. Built into anydvd is a good ripper for direct ISO (no alterations).

There's also using MyMovies of course, with the added advantage of the Collection Manager Driver for better cover art and meta data.

If you want to go compress things, well I don't, don't want to and don't recommend it - so I'll let others speak for that.


Stop trying to get everything you want for 'free' - it'll cost you less ;)

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