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Chowmain - Kaleidescape Driver for Control4


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Chowmain - Kaleidescape Driver for Control4 

Kaleidescape presents the world's most authentic cinematic experience with the content you love. Whether on disc or as a digital download from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, Kaleidescape brings together all your movies in a visually stunning library making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy movies that truly matter to you. A premium product deserves an excellent interface to match as such the Chowmain Kaleidescape driver for Control4 offers full movie and music library access on all Control4 user interfaces for any IP controlled Kaleidescape system along with an extensive list of automation features that make the integrated experience more rewarding. Put the finishing touch on your customer's Kaleidescape system using our driver for Control4. 


  • Ability to search, browse, playback and resume movies by All Movies, Actor, Director, Genre, Rating or Collection categories 
  • View movie information including synopsis, MPAA rating, genres, cast director and more 
  • View System information like amount of storage space used, available, current imports, downloads and more. 
  • Disc options show up under Movies and Music when a Bluray, DVD or CD is inserted. Playback, import or cancel importing of discs directly from Control4. 
  • Ability to search, browse, playback and queue music by Artist, Album, Genre, Mix Album and Collection categories. 
  • View artist information including genres and biography 
  • Automate cinema lighting based on movie playback state, movie position (main feature, credits, etc). 
  • Automate projection screen masking and projection modes using aspect ratio feedback, masking feedback and more. 
  • Automate playback of your favourite movie from programming. 
  • Automatic volume up, down and mute command linking to the official Kaleidescape app. 
  • Automatic Room On upon movie or music playback 
  • Automatic Room Off upon screensaver active 
  • Automatic Room Off or return to Onscreen Navigator on movie finished (optional) 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should i use Kaleidescape when there are cheaper solutions? 

After living with a Kaleidescape system for a month i've come to appreciate that it just works. Compared to other media player solutions it is expensive however for those who do not have the time to mess around Kaleidescape is the solution for you. With 4K, Bluray and DVD based digital downloads, disc importing and playback solutions all in one its a solution that just works. For the dealer it is a solution where they can just install it and leave knowing that the solution is robust and requires little to no support. 

Why should i use this driver over the official driver? 

A premium product deserves an excellent interface to match. Since releasing our Kodi Full and Plex Full drivers for Control4 alot of dealers have been asking us to do something similar for Kaleidescape. The problem with the current driver is that it is extremely dated and most consumers expect the ability to search and browse their entire library from their Control4 interface and have the option for a more automated experience. 

I like the official kaleidescape app. Can i use that? 

Yes you can. We have set the driver up so that in dedicated theaters you can just pick up your iPad and you can use the official kaleidescape application by itself without ever touching a Control4 user interface. Control4 will automatically turn on the projector, dim the lights, etc when a movie is selected and when a movie has finished it will automatically turn everything off and bring the lights up. Volume control (up, down, mute) is automatically mapped as well. 

Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? 

  • Use your Control4 touchscreen, Onscreen, mobile or remote control user interfaces to browse movies and music directly from the Control4 user interface. 
  • Create the perfect cinema experience by dimming the lights down when a movie starts, ramp it back up when the movie ends or if the user pauses or stops the movie. 
  • Automate Cinema screen masking and projection modes based on aspect ratio and Cinemascape feedback. 
  • Set the driver up so it automatically turns off when the screensaver kicks in. Great if you forget that you've paused a movie or have fallen asleep whilst watching. 
  • Setup a button on your onwall keypad to start playback of you or your family’s favourite movie. Great for kids. 

What hardware will this work on? 
This driver will work on all IP controllable models of Kaleidescape. If it works with the official Kaleidescape iPad application it will work with our driver. 

I am not a Kaleidescape dealer. Where can i get the product from? 
We can assist you with signing up to become an official Kaleidescape dealer. Just click on the link below and fill out the form and a representative will contact you shortly. 

Sign Up

Why do you only support OS 2.8 and above? 
We utilise some API's that are not available on older versions of OS. As such you will need to utilise OS 2.8.0 and above for this driver. 

How do I find out more information about the driver? 
Please see the links below for more information about the driver. 

Chowmain Website

Download Installation Guide

How do I buy the driver? 
This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. 

Download Driver / Purchase Licence

Who do i contact for technical support? 
This driver is developed by Chowmain software & apps and is distributed and supported by Houselogix, Inc. 


Do you provide trial licences? 
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 48 hour trial. This is activated once you add the driver to the project. No additional steps are necessary. 

Movie Library Example


Music Library Example

System Information Example

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59 minutes ago, Cartnj said:

Hello Alan

Can you take a look at the Movie cover feedback to the Neeo remotes? It seems the neeo is not getting the cover art feedback

I am attaching an image of it next to the same rooms T3


This is normal for the Neeo.

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Hi guys,

We just did a major driver revamp.  This requires a full reinstallation of the driver.  New features include

  • Cover art view!

  • Ability to browse movies by Movies, Collections, Genres, Actors, Directors and Ratings

  • View movie information including synopsis, MPAA rating, genres, cast, director and more.

  • Ability to favourite movies

  • Separate player and server drivers.

  • Upon movie selection the server driver will find the first unused player driver in the room and initiate playback on that player



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Should this work on the Halo remotes?  When I try to load “Movies” for a server I get communication Error - no response to this request.


Running 20220907 version 


Also - collection on two servers not fully populating on an iPad.  Diagnostics report an internal driver crash.

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