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How to make an LED blink?



For my dimmers that are bound to lights, toggling the switch makes the LED blink first then go solid.  I want to copy that behavior for a button I have programmed to open and close a garage door.  

In Composer HE I don't see any way to make an LED blink.  Am I missing something?  Is this something only a dealer can do?

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i believe what he is talking about is the dimmers status leds will blink indicating the light is dimming up or down respectively. I believe this is only for v2 lighting solutions that are bound to the load.  This is not done in the programming section of composer

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There may be a new "status" LED in the v2 hardware, but in the dimmers on v1 hardware, the LED you're transitioning to will flash until the dim has completed it's ramp period.  As Cy noted, you can't do that automatically, but you could use programming to mimic the behavior.  With a little additional hardware (two garage door sensors instead of one), you could even program the appropriate button to keep blinking until the garage door had reached the appropriate state (fully open vs. full closed).

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this could certainly be done but would take some time to program.

basically would need a timer to repeat a few times 

i would suggest at least 2 second interval but you could do 1 the system may be slow depending on your controller

would look like this

on door state changes

   start timer (10 seconds or whatever the door takes)

start shorter timer (shorter timer)

on short timer expiration

toggle variable

if variable is true 

    set color to blue

if variable is false

    set to black

start timer


on long timer expiration stop short timer

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