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CardAccess mini-remote compatible with 2.8?



I'm probably way late to the party here but I just got my automation system back up and running from a few years ago.  I was last on OS 2.1 and am now on 2.8.  I had a CardAccess mini-remote back then and haven't given it a try since.  Are these things still supported in 2.8?

I replaced the batteries and now it's just got a slow blinking green light.

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To remove the Mini Remote from a ZigBee PRO network and restore
factory settings:
1. Press Button 1 (top left) while installing batteries. The LED will
intially be green.
2. Continue pressing the button until the LED turns from green to blue.
3. Once the LED has turned blue, release Button 1 and press Button 4
(bottom right) within three (3) seconds.
4. The LED will turn solid red while the defaults are loaded.
5. The LED will turn solid green for approximately four (4) seconds and
then blink green for approximately seven (7) while the remote reboots.
6. The Remote is now restored to factory configuration
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