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Could release cycles become more frequent?


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6 hours ago, RyanE said:

This is something Control4 has been moving towards for some time, and I assume will continue to move forward.

Driverworks drivers, for example, can be released and updated (assuming no new OS release is required for driver functionality) at any time, and with the online database, often are.


Hope it can extend to hardware release cycles too!

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On 8/28/2019 at 9:56 PM, eggzlot said:


“We’re releasing products throughout the year because we know the industry’s moving so fast you can’t wait until CEDIA,” Bryce Judd, senior vice president of worldwide sales says, “so we’ll have a little bit of everything for you.

See why they said this now - Should have said 

"We have nothing to show you that works - Sorry"

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10 minutes ago, Gary Leeds UK said:

See why they said this now - Should have said 

"We have nothing to show you that works - Sorry"

hey im not excited about the CA-10 but it works.  3.1 works and has upgrades for various doorstation functionalities.  I won't judge Snap on this since this is a fairly recent merger and anything to be shown at CEDIA was likely started in the pre Snap days

Either way, the keynote speech and products, to me, were a dud.  But if installers are going after large commercial projects then I am sure they are happy with the MDU options on the door station or a CA-10, etc.  For a residential home owner, you get Google Assistant which has constantly been asked for on these forums.

It ain't a new remote, touch screen with voice control baked in or a 4k EA series controller.  But its "something".

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41 minutes ago, Gary Leeds UK said:

My movies is broken in 3.1 

keynote speech was desperate, however. The slides were just hilarious 

due to the merger this was the first keynote for "C4" ive watched (same could be said for snap too).  I have no basis of comparison but I thought the delivery/writing could have been punched up a little bit.  I listed to 80% of it not watched so no comments on the slides.  But again I know the audience is not us.

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