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After significant issues with one of my Roku Ultras, I’m about to pull the trigger on Apple TV 4K. I won’t abandon Roku entirely, I really want to just test the ATV against it. Unless something has changed, seemingly ATV is the only system that broadly supports Atmos. You can google which steamers support Atmos and from which services. ATV supports all of it. In addition to not supporting Atmos via Netflix and iTunes with Roku, I thought I read that Vudu titles must be played in UHD versus 4K for the Atmos track to play. It’s all complicated and as for Roku/Dolby Vision, my Samsung Q series displays don’t support Dolby Vision anyway. So many issues with format propriety. Crazy.


You really need a matrix chart to figure it out. This is one I found.


It could be outdated. Sorry for the formatting. You can google at CNET.


Dolby Atmos streaming support:



Netflix iTunes Vudu Prime

Apple TV 4K Yes Yes Yes Yes

Roku No No Yes Yes

Amazon Fire No No No Yes

Nvidia Shield No No Yes Yes

Chromecast. No No Yes No

Xbox One Yes No Yes Yes



I know zero about ATV. Mini Apps? (Not a deal breaker). Integration? (IP preferred). Issues? (I read so many, but it seems the iOS13 break issues are resolved).


Any help will be appreciated.



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Guys - My wife saw The Joker when it came out in theater. Rhis wwwkrnd she wants to rent it and watch it in our home theater. It’s a great 9.1.4 or 7.1.6 setup pending the second sub. I’m really wanting to test it out too. I don’t have much time at home, but I’m home again this weekend.

So... how do I get it (stream) and be assured it’s HDR and Atmos via the Roku? I’m really asking. She rented the BluRay today, but simply got the HD version.

If I had Apple TV 4K, I’d be sure. Just tricky with Roku.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to install an Apple TV 4K locally in the media room and hopefully ARC it back to the rack room.

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How about the Nvidia Shield?
I think it supports Atmos better than the ATV, has Netflix support now. And has miniapps. 
If you are doing full Bluray rips and Plex the only thing to support bitstreaming would be via a shield or PC with compatible video card. 

I really don’t know much about it. I’ll research. Thanks for the suggestion.

I played the rented HD BluRay last night and although it was 1080, it had an Atmos track. Disc didn’t have the Atmos logo printed. In the end, I didn’t get why all of the hype for the movie, but it sounded (and felt) wonderful.

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10 minutes ago, dynafox said:

Hello everybody

Can an app be started directly via the Apple TV driver? e.g. Netflix ...
Like Amazon Fire.
Thank you very much.

No, apple tv driver doesn't have mini apps. Roku has the best mini app integration followed by firestick in my personal opinion.

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