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Looking for recommendation for an OUTDOOR rated (aka "weatherproof") battery powered Motion Sensor with C4 drivers. Found lots and lots of stuff for indoor use and have 14 Card Access motion sensors (Card Access WMS10) myself.


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Interesting. We checked with C4 on that sensor and they said 'no, don't use it outdoors.

I have several of the WMS10, but not the -2. Thank you so very much. I may sacrifice one of mine "for the fun of it." I did order 1 of Hue. It's not very expensive and they have a 3 day trial on the driver. Looks like a good side-by-side test is in order.

(I love this stuff. Thanks all for your help over the years.)


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Thanks everyone. I now have 1 of each of these installed and on the system to evaluate both.

I am on OS3 with a hue bridge gen 1 (I know, I know, leave me alone). 

The both have pros and cons. If anyone is interested, I'll write up a little summary when my eval is over. I am going to go find the best place to post some comments/questions about the Unilogiq stuff.


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On ‎1‎/‎21‎/‎2020 at 1:27 AM, Gary Leeds UK said:

We use the outdoor Philip sensor via the Philips hue hub and Philips motion sensor driver 

www.unilogiq.com for the driver 




I use the outdoor Phillips Motion and it works flawless

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