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Issues with macros


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i did some major rearranging of a system. Cleaned up some poorly written macros.  Made some standardizations. Nothing major technologically, just organizationally. 

Now some of these macros are not executing 100%  Devices that work using navigator won’t react to macro commands. This is even true when I move them out of IF and Then. And I’ve tried recreating the macros. 

Besides rebooting, which I’ve already done, is there anything else to try?

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44 minutes ago, NYInstallers said:

I will try.  It was never an issue before.  The open vs 100% was to try different methods of opening.  

the delay sounds like a good idea.  

not sure when things changed, I didnt program with the delay for a long time and started having issues I think around 3.1.0

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On 12/23/2022 at 4:34 PM, Cyknight said:

3.1 OS did have a leap in efficiency i think - could simply be that director is pumping out the commands faster, causing a previously fine line of programming to now overwhelm the external device/communication

Hypothesis makes sense -- I've been experiencing the same thing with certain macros/agent commands. T3 annoucements/sound not playing also an issue for me/others I've heard of. Hopefully as the installed base expands they'll detect/resolve.

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