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AVR with two video zones?


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I'm considering adding a TV to our master bedroom, which is very close to my equipment closet that runs the main living room TV.

Rather than doubling up on ATV and adding the Dish Joey, I was considering an AVR that supported two video zones. My old Pioneer Elite (SC-65) had two video zones, but the output was restricted on zone 2. I think analog in was handled just fine, but HDMI/HDCP stuff wouldn't go to zone 2.

Has this changed? I'd like to hook everything up to the AVR and be able to send it to either zone with no restrictions.


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I can tell you that there are many AVRs that now output HDMI to Zone 2. However, I am not sure at what price point that feature is added. I just looked up a few on Crutchfield. A $700 Denon did not have Zone 2 HDMI, while a $800 Onkyo did. I know I have the ability to output HDMI to a second zone with my Arcam. So yes, it is a feature that is available, just not in the cheaper range of AVRs. 

Also, make sure the second HDMI output is labeled "Zone 2." Some AVRs have a second monitor HDMI output, but I believe that is intended for a second display in the main listening room. Quite possibly, a second monitor HDMI would work for a second room, but it likely won't allow simultaneous viewing of different sources in the two zones. 

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25 minutes ago, Control4Savant said:

Are you using the AVR for audio? I suggest just getting another ATV and splitting the Joey. IMO ruining dual HDMI zones out of a single AVR is nothing but headache. 

I do have a fully functional Sony 5000ES that was lightly used form a clients home…if you are maybe interested in a deal.

After pricing AVRs that are supposed to work, I'd never recover the cost of the AVR while I live in this house. So I'm just going to pay the Joey fee and give the ATV app on the TV a try before buying another ATV.

Thanks for all the responses.

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