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C4 iOS app not available on Apple Vision Pro

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Yeah.  I am am one of those idiots who bought one Day One.  Love it so far.

While I do not expect Control4 to do a Vision Pro native app right away (if ever), it would be awesome if they would simpl make the iPad app available for download and use in compatibility mode.  From my understanding, developers need to “Opt-Out” affirmatively for their apps to *NOT* show up in App Store for Vision Pro, so looks like they either opted-out or perhaps they flagged app as being targeted for an older version of iOS (and not current versions).

Anyway, I hope someone at Control4 will get around to ticking the right boxes— no actual work required.  Hopefully they are just waiting to test the stability in compatibility mode before ticking the boxes (I’m happy to test it for them). 

As an aside, you can place persistent, spatially-anchored buttons around your house and make them kick-off Apple “Shortcut” scripts by just looking/pinching  which can, among other things, control C4 devices (assuming you have otherwise linked Homekit and C4).  This circuitous approach is very kludgy/janky/beta for now, but still fun.

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We chosen not to have the app be available until we we are able to test compatibility and the experience. You can expect the app to become available once the review and testing process has been completed.  This is the same approach that was taken for supporting iPadOS apps on MacOS with Apple Silicon chips (M1, etc).

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