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  1. Sheesh...the guy is already not excited about the potential $$ of getting his system up & running, and you’re suggesting a CA-10? I work for a Gold dealer (we’ll hit Gold for this year by the end of the month; most likely Platinum by the end of the year), and I’ve never even seen a CA-10. Not that we don’t have projects that could benefit from one, but it may be overkill for a lot of systems.
  2. The Janus one listed above works with RGBW. Control4 doesn’t discuss future plans.
  3. Instead of keypad dimmers you could also do C4-KC120277. They can be powered over Category or other LV cable via 48v power supply so you don’t have to mess with high voltage.
  4. You needed someone who had a clue what they were doing to design a system for you before you bought the equipment.
  5. Correct. This is a European Zigbee module and it doesn’t show up on the US Control4 dealer portal.
  6. I am a dealer in the US. We have a project where we need to use four Yale Conexis L1 locks. Getting the locks from the UK is no issue, but I am looking for a UK dealer who would be willing to help source the Zigbee modules from Control4. The part number should be ZYA-MOD-C4-S. If anyone can help, please PM me. Thanks (mods please delete if not allowed).
  7. For #5 there is an issue where you need to go into the customer.control4.com account, make sure the main email address (user) for the account is not set up as an Intercom Anywhere user, then go in and add users for IA where the email addresses are different than the main C4 account.
  8. This is what happens when an end-user tries to design their own system before understanding what they need/want.
  9. This is an odd post for a public forum....
  10. I just came here to say that Ubiquiti (UniFi) is NOT on a “Do Not Use” list!
  11. I don’t understand why people are still trying to fight with IP drivers for AppleTV. Use IR & be done with it.
  12. Audio baluns are the way to do this—we sell lots of Samsung TVs which have optical audio outputs, so we use Cat5/6 extenders that also do the D to A conversion. For TVs like Sony that have analog audio out, a simple analog audio balun can be used. You’ll want a dedicated Cat cable for this. Try not to call a Category cable an Ethernet cable unless it is actually being used for Ethernet. There are systems/devices that carry video/audio over Ethernet, but those are a completely different animal than what is being discussed here.
  13. You need a matrix and amplifier, or a third-party matrix amp. Also if I were you, I would connect the Chromecasts directly to the TVs locally, and send the audio outputs of the TVs back to your audio matrix or matrix amp.
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