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  1. 2x C4 Speaker Points, pulled from a working system. Comes with power supply, running on 2.5.3. $30/each or make me an offer for both. Actual shipping cost will be added on.
  2. 1x 2nd Gen Nest Thermostat 1x 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat w/2 Remote Sensors PM Me a reasonable offer for any/all.
  3. @VINCELdUB Can you source this for me aswell?
  4. I've got qmotion roller shades at home and somfy glydea drapes at work. The qmotion integrate much better with control4 and have a v2 driver. The glydea zigbee/zwave chips leave a lot to be desired for functionality.
  5. Arduino with the Chowmain driver https://www.chowmainsoft.com/arduino/
  6. The load average is typical of what you will see from an EA series controller. Attached is a screenshot from an EA5 running a mid sized project.
  7. Managed switch, juniper ex3300. I've tried different switch ports and the same thing happens. When they freeze up I cant even ping the ea1. Unplugging and plugging the network cable doesn't work. Only thing that seems to consistently work is power cycling it. All of the wiring was certified on install. Running inspector comes back passing. I've even reimaged them.
  8. Cat6 to the switch. IP is DHCP reserved and connected using SDDP in composer.
  9. I've got a system that is stumping me. Project consists of an EA5 in the rack and an EA1 in the bedroom both running 2.10.2, it also has a handful of panelized dimmers, leaf, and audio matrix and t3 touchpanels. The EA1 will freeze up and fall off the network every 12-36 hours. I've replaced the EA1 with a new one out of the box and it is still happening, none of the other hardware in the project exhibits this symptom. I'm not sure if I should be looking at the network or the project file itself, or if there is a specific log file I can pull off of the EA1 to see what is going on. Has anyone else seen something like this?
  10. Still available if you want it. PM me an offer.
  11. Does anybody know if I can use the reciever from a C4-LTPTP kit in lieu of a LU1/LU1E reciever on a Leaf matrix?
  12. Firmware version screenshot attached. Was pulled from a 2.8 system
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