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  1. It’s very slick. But unless something has changed, you can’t get the snapshot in C4. Feed looks solid though.
  2. Made a button to refresh the Apple bridge...not optimal but faster than a restart.
  3. Is there a way to put new OS3 app in dedicated mode on iPad? If so, can’t figure it out.
  4. Been having issues with this new Apple TV driver. Despite saying the Control4 Remote is connected, I will lose control via C4 every few days (i have 4 of them, and its not just one of my rooms having this issue). I have tried rebooting apple tv, but the only thing that seems to work is rebooting my EA-3. Is there any obvious troubleshooting I should be doing or just schedule a nightly reboot of director?
  5. Got my driver updated and am also having that issue with dialing partitions. Seems like a bug to fix.
  6. I see there was an update to the free IT-100 driver recently...does this now support the new security proxy?
  7. I have a similar setup but have yet to integrate to C4 or get monitoring setup. Is there a good option for cellular based monitoring and C4 integration without breaking the bank?
  8. I was never happy with the bluetooth solution...I tried to connect my Peloton via bluetooth directly to my Marantz 1508 AVR, the delay was unacceptable. I then used baluns to send audio over Cat6, and that was a decent result. I ended up installing a TV and casting/mirroring to a hard wired Roku, which sends the video and the audio to my TV...the best result by far. There is about a 200ms delay between the peloton screen (which you can't turn off) and the TV/audio, so I end up covering the peloton screen with a towel since i'm easily distracted.
  9. If you create the "groups" in the Alexa App, you can say "turn on the TV" and it knows which TV you are referring to based on the Alexa device in that group. The only limitation i've found here is i can't use any Ecobee4s as the local grouped Alexa device.
  10. I’m either missing something or this doesn’t work. Anonymous snapshot comes from the camera IP...stream from the NVR IP.
  11. Any solution for getting a snapshot with this camera via Unifi Protect?
  12. Have an extra EA1 that is no longer needed in my new home. Let me know if interested. $200 plus shipping from 80209
  13. Hear ya. I respect that. My wife would kill me if I changed all the GUIs in the house...so there is a huge value to continuity. Ha
  14. Don’t bother. You can buy a decent Roku for near that amount...
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