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  1. Any update for the Roku Ultra problem? (Does not call plex on Roku to open and start movie when selected). I have contacted my dealer 3 times and all I am told is no update.
  2. Any plans to update this with Nintendo Switch? I have the driver and like it but now have a few of the Nintendo Switches and would love the icon. Thanks
  3. My dealer is Advance Electronics in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. the first time they called the guy on the phone at houselogix said he would get in contact withe the developer (you) and then call back. He never did, no ticket number was given out. I have been told they have contacted Houseligix many times and never received a call back for this issue. I will send them an email now letting them know hey must call houselogix and get a ticket number.
  4. Never received a ticket number and the issue has not been resolved with the Roku Ultra. Disappointing.
  5. You are correct my mistake. Yes I can control the Roku no problem. The Netflix mini driver also works no problem. I will get the ticket number.
  6. I don't have access to those drivers. Still no fix for this and m dealer was never called back by Houselogix 26 days later. Not good.
  7. I had a Roku 3 working with this driver. Upgraded to Roku Ultra (faster, 4K). Now when you go through the selection process of my movies it gets to the Roku main screen and just sits there. It does not call the plex server in Roku to play the movie. if you go to Roku first, start the plex driver then go back to my movies and select a movie it does work.
  8. Is it possible to change the icon from the Plex icon to say a movies icon? Also when running this driver from Roku 3 and movies off a NAS, when you select a movie (Play Now), you get a second or two of where on screen you see the Roku main screen or the plex app screen in Roku, then it loads the movie. Is that normal? Just want to make sure mine is setup correctly.
  9. There does not seem to be much information on pool integration. My pool installer suggests the Hayward Prologic system to control pool lights, temperature, etc. Does anyone know if this will integrate with Control 4? Thank you
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